Погода на выходные 22-24 июня 2013Погода на выходные 22-24 июня 2013
As informs a portal Метеопрог, in the last week the weather in Ukraine was calm. Stay in the zone of heightened pressure caused the decrease of the temperature background, no significant precipitations and dangerous phenomena.

In the next two days, cyclone, which стационировал in the last days over the Lower Volga region and Eastern regions of Ukraine, gradually filled up, lose self-circulation and pour into a narrow strip of reduced pressure over the North of the Black sea. At the same time under the influence of the new Atlantic cyclone and its high-rise hollows be dissolved band of high pressure, spreading from the Central sector of the Mediterranean sea to the Baltic sea. Hearth very warm air over the Central Europe will be involved in the circulation of high-altitude ravines and along with it will move in an easterly direction, which will raise the temperature of air on the territory of Ukraine, except for the far East.
Thus, in the night 22 June in the Western part of the rains. By Saturday afternoon, is expected rainy weather with thunderstorms throughout the country, except the South, the far East and Sumy region. In the Western regions of Saturday may be hail and шквалистое wind up to 15-20 m/S. the Temperature in the Western regions will be about +31…+37 degrees, in other areas, the average day temperature is +29…+34 degrees above zero.

23 June Sunday, rain and thunderstorms will be held throughout the territory of Ukraine. At night the temperature around the country will be +13…+18 C. In the South, in Kirovohrad, and Dnipropetrovsk regions night warms up to +19…+22 above zero. Day temperature is +29..+34 heat.

On Monday, 24 June, cloudy weather with heavy rain expected throughout the territory of Western Ukraine and in the Zhytomyr and Vinnytsia regions. The short rains will also be held in the South, and seize the Dnepropetrovsk and Donetsk oblasts. Temperature will drop a few degrees, the day will be about +26…+33 C in the daytime. The night is expected +14…+19 C, in the southern areas of warmer – up to +20…+23 heat.

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