Жена Павла Воли раскрыла тайну брака с резидентом Comedy Club

Recently, the famous Russian gymnast Laysan Utyasheva married Paul Will and bore him a son. Some time details of this story have been kept secret, and now, finally, Laysan frankly told about his personal life in an interview with “7 days”.

According to athletes, they with Paul Will not hide their relationship – we went out to the cinema and shops, however, never came in sight of the paparazzi. The pair has not commented on the situation, so as a resident of Comedy Club “in principle does not like to talk about himself, and that the Laysan not so long ago gone through a very difficult period in connection with the death of his mother, so we rarely give interviews. Then cope with difficult situations girl helped psychologists, as well as her coach Irina Viner.

Paul Will gymnast signed in September 2012. “But before that Pasha was next to me, I don’t know how I would have survived the nightmare period without him… I thought that grief I can’t breathe, and Paul helped! This is difficult to explain. Just a man enveloped me full care and love…”, – told the girl.

Initially between Paul and Laysan was “stormy love at first sight”, as written in the media: they were just friends and not interfere in the personal life of each other.” But gradually this feeling grew more serious.


They say that the son of Paul’s Will is spilled copy of his father.

Laysan also told that “the wedding were nothing. In memory of the mother of a girl in love not buy expensive clothes and order a limousine with dolls”. The pair just went on painting in the registry office in ordinary clothes. In the evening joyful event was recorded “in the home, in the narrow family circle”.

Pregnancy athletes was not for her surprise, as they with Paul Will both wanted children. “I just realized that now I do not live their interests, I was the instrument through which the world of new life will come. Therefore heels replaced booties and кроссовочки. And even became very careful what I eat. Since childhood I hate the word “balance”, “pounds” – gymnasts constantly weighed. All the years of over us sword of Damocles hanging fear of getting fat! So when ceased to exercise, scales immediately thrown out. And even when gynecologists said to regularly weighed’t buy them again!” – shared Laysan.

Almost the whole pregnancy TV presenter held in Spain. Being pregnant, Laysan tried not to act up, and for childbirth came “as the Olympic games”: girl learned to breathe correctly, did special exercises, so the process was “smooth and quick, just for half an hour”. While Paul was not present at the birth of a son. In turn, be called a child of Robert suggested grandmother Laysan from Bashkiria.

By the way, the family already thinking about the birth of the next child. “Everything is very calm and quiet, and I am glad that this is not a raging ocean! We both try not to rock the boat and very appreciative of what we gave fate… Many times we with girlfriends after training shrank into a corner and fantasized – how many want to have children? And everyone dreamed to be adoptive mothers. Sit at the table with her husband and children smaller than the other – this is happiness”, athlete said.

Photo: ITAR-TASS/Scanpix, Facebook

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