Прекрасный мир кино! Канны передают Москве бьюти-эстафету

June 20 launch of the international Moscow film festival, adopting the creative baton from Cannes. And because beauty is the highest manifestation of creativity, journal TOPBEAUTY together with cosmetic brand L’oreal Paris decided to commemorate the best images of the Cannes film festival-2013. Such is the beauty inoculation of good style and taste of France all subsequent red carpet!

Heroines photo shoot TOPBEAUTY became well-known fashion bloggers, which is a leading artist of L’oreal Paris with the help of masterly makeup «transformed» in the star divas – посланниц Cannes film festival. So, Malena Mayakovskaya «became» Claudia Schiffer, Lela Esiava – Milla Jovovich, Naty Ko – Beyonce. And Lydia Frolov and Anna brain entered, respectively, in images Джулианны Moore and Eva Longoria.

Can you repeat your favourite star look? Of course! To create the same image as the Queens red carpet, you will help the comments of leading make-up artist and cosmetic products of L’oreal Paris. Truth, beauty instructions have to wait and postpone familiarization with the photo session: a more detailed material you can see on the pages of one of the autumn editions of the journal TOPBEAUTY.

Милла Йовович Milla Jovovich


Tone Lumi Мажик N3 Hightlight Lumi Мажик 01 Pencil Color Riche Le Smokey 201 Shadow Color Riche E1 Ink Volume Million Eyelashes Эксесс Rouge Lipstick Каресс 501

Карандаш Колор Риш Ле Смоки 201 Pencil Color Riche Le Smokey 201

Тон Люми Мажик N3 Tone Lumi Мажик N3 Хайлайтер Люми Мажик 01 Hightlight Lumi Мажик 01

Тени Колор Риш Е1 The Shadow Color Riche E1

Makeup in General looks very gently, glowing skin, shining texture shadows, bright lipstick. Apply tone, хайлайтером go under the eyes, the upper part of the cheeks, the inner corner of the eye, the Central part of the nose, the space under the brow, he gives a beautiful glow, emphasizes the relief of the face. Pencil draw the outline of the eyes, a little smudge his fingertips, a cotton swab or a brush. Apply a shadow, a little on the lower eyelid and more dense layer of all the upper eyelid. Прокрасьте eyelashes, grasping roots and moving zigzag movements to the top. Lipstick Rouge Каресс perfectly completes the image, her wet Shine and light texture will make the lip plumper and seductive.

В образе Миллы Йовович In the image of Milla Jovovich

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