Там можно вырастить дракона и еще 4 веских причины играть в онлайн-игры There you can grow a dragon and another 4 are compelling reasons to play online games

Not so long ago the Norwegian online edition Nettavisen wrote about 12-years old boy Hans Йоргене Olsene, who saved himself and sister from an angry moose. In an interview with Hans said that the right to Orient in the risky for life situation helped him a favorite online game. The boy used a tactical game: the reception attracted the attention of the «monster» to yourself (teased animal), and then when my sister ran away in a safe place, use a different character’s skill from the game – pretended to be dead. Prongs, обнюхав motionless figure, went away. Zoologists say: a brave child behaved correctly, although at school did not teach how to operate in moose attack, defending their territory. If the boy decided to flee, Lord of the woods simply trampled’d…

According to the Netherlands philosopher and культурологу Johan Хейзинге, the game is everything that is not directly associated with survival. Sports, business, war, personal relations – all this is a game with certain rules, goals and conditions of victory.

What are the advantages of «virtual reality distinguish the experts? We decided to analyze the presented their arguments on the example of one of the online games. Now there is a plenty, so we built on several criteria: the game must be new, translated into Russian, quite popular, well, just interesting. All these requirements to satisfy the game World of Dragons, offering users becoming a parent and a nanny for this dragon! 

Online play is fun and fashionable pastime 

Internet-digest RBC daily notes a remarkable trend: the game industry in Russia by the end of 2012 ahead of film distribution on the dynamics of (the speed of development), annual turnover and volume of the market. In the United States and some European countries the similar trend declared itself a few years ago, and now came to us. 

Why this happened and why the popularity of fun online games all the more confident win films, serials and TV shows? Experts point out that all the matter in greater involvement of players in the process. In the game you are an active participant and not just a spectator or witness; you shall not isolated in front of the monitor, and communicate with other players. You don’t get a ready creative product, and the create their own interests. In the game, unlike most hyped blockbuster or a fashion show, the development of the plot depends on your actions before you a whole world, not limited to the idea of the Director.

In the end of 2012 the attention of fans of online battles was presented to the game World of Dragons. The new product, unlike most online games that focus on player interaction among themselves, not only has the team spirit, but also a very interesting story. He served differently depending on whose side the player. All this realistic and beautifully voiced. So, many of the characters are voiced by the replica and the background music of the game pleasant and creates the right atmosphere and mood.

World of Dragons World of Dragons

For the creators of the game no unimportant trifles. There is a possibility to individualize the facial features of his character. The game world attracts colorful and diverse: one area is not to be confused with another, and the opponents do not look made under one pattern. And the main object of General excitement of the opportunity to raise your own dragon, faithful companion and living weapons your character in the game. On it it is possible to fly from one game location to another and participate in large-scale, spectacular air battles.

History of life. «When I managed to cope with the task in the fortress Альвис and get relic level 35 and scroll to derive the following dragons, my drakosha-teen grew up fighting a dragon! – writes on one of the forums players 21-year-old Natalia from Moscow. – I shared her joy on his page in the “Vkontakte”. Then there found devoted to the «dragons» group and was pleasantly surprised how many of my friends are in the group and passionate about this game. We even formed a mini-chat, where we discuss the difficult moments of the game and help each other experience. I will say more: I got them and meet new people, and one of the cute азурианцев*, which in the life name is Sergey, now we meet».

In March 2013, the company held NIKITA ONLINE study his audience of 10 million people. Leading the age categories for fans of computer games are: to 19 years – 27%, 19-24 years – 28%, 25-29 years – 20%. Among the players 68% of men and 32% of women, with the number of female players from year to year increases.

Online games is a «food for thought»

Good game as the encyclopedia: it is easy to learn thanks to the concise, logical and accessible to the understanding of the material presentation, but, each time opening it, one always learns something new, useful, interesting. To win the war, to withstand the siege, kick monsters set up a camp in a Semiprecious city, Hiking in the beautiful and dangerous flight to own a dragon through full of threats to the earth – all this is impossible without consideration of its strategy game. And skills of effective planning, researching the pros and cons of a situation analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of their own and the enemy will help you to successfully achieve the desired and go from point a to point b and not only other online games, but in everyday life.

History of life. «With virtual games easier to find a common language with the teenage son (he is 14). I love adventure games, different race – always wanted to be on the site of pilot Formula-1! Anton like me to instruct, to take care of вышучивать, we seem to change seats in a family, – writes on the forum parents accountant Maria from Pskov. Games have taught me closer to concentrate on what’s in front of me on the monitor. Our company electronic document circulation, and now I have a much less frequently make mistakes in reporting.

In the World of Dragons the player develops hero (select characters six races and four classes) and dragon – assistant in the journey of the huge world of the game. Raise a dragon is not easy – it is a fascinating, with many interesting and challenging testing process. Only imagine that your «pet» there are several stages of maturation of the egg – calf – grown baby young dragon – grown young dragon – the dragon. You’ll need to really educate: feed, protect from enemies, to accustom to be 100% your true cross to receive new strength and skills.

Online games is a kind of emotional release 

Psychologists agree that we should not keep his emotions as they ask to go out. But if positive emotions to share the easy and pleasant, the negative’t want to pour on others. And sometimes it happens that life is felt solid routine and want an emotional meltdown: adrenalin, gambling experiences, inspiring and закаляющего will rivalry. All this can be found in virtual reality. When you take care of your dragon, win a strong and cunning enemy, penetrate new uncharted lands, the feelings you are experiencing the most real, as if all this was happening with you actually.

History of life. «Had an unpleasant conversation with the leadership because of his failed contract. Cargo mistakenly left instead of Perm, Penza, and this, of course, the client does not like. Came home взвинченная, and then there’s daughter left unwashed dishes in the morning. It seems like a reason to have to let off steam, writes пользовательница with nick K_ukla, but I force will not become a stall daughter, she remembered me very reprimanding “on the carpet”. Sat down at the laptop and all night “мочила monsters”. Feel better! Yes and the air battles on his dragon I love madly, I feel brave воительницей from some “Avatar».

Experts say: if you’ve had a hard day and you feel angry or depressed, this is not the best time to use of alcohol, showdown with relatives or gambling for real money. Free online games will help you comfortably and without prejudice to the health and personal budget to get rid of negative emotions.

Онлайн-игра как эмоциональная разгрузка The online game is as emotional unloading

The online game is to support the career

Let us leave aside the exotic option, when, during an interview your conversation with the interviewer suddenly magically turned into a hot discussion characters and traps thirty levels of this game. Although, believe it happens, for example, during employment in a company that develops computer games or promoting them. But the one with whom you are playing in the same or even different teams in the online game, it can be your friend in chat and once inform you about the remarkable vacancy in his company. And online games train the skill of team interaction: here, as in reality, the result depends on the joint efforts, the consistency of the actions of the players and the personal contribution of each.

History of life. Пользовательница with nick iro4ka says: «I am the Manager of tourism and in April already worked two jobs, and not according to the future speciality. Wanted to find a job so that it covers the salary of my two, was on the profile and time took less. And I succeeded! All began chatting online games. I played for азурианцев and without the advice of other teams would not be able to effectively develop their drakosha, get 100% of his faithfulness. Somehow got to talking in a chat with other players from my hometown of St. Petersburg, in speaking of the plans for the summer. I said that I didn’t go to rest, I will look for work. He asked me what I wanted to do, and after just a couple of weeks gave contacts for appointment into a major travel company. Now I have a part-time opportunity to travel around the world and income, with whom I feel independent.»

According to the American magazine of the Financial Times, for the productive activities of generation of gamers do not need even offices. Thanks to online games they learn to interact and respond to the common challenges in the distance.

Online games is a chance romantic 

And again we emphasize that any game, even in an online format, when the players do not see each other live, is communication. It may become the reason for a change not only career, but also personal. The brave knight, who defended you from the impure, Orc, not if and in life the same person you dream of calling his half? First, your communication will go beyond the in-game chat in social networks and email, and then – who knows! – you decide to give each other a chance to meet. And let girlfriends envy: you don’t have to sift through a lot of deliberately unpromising, and even unpleasant options as on a Dating site, help you to feel in the future chosen one adherent and be with him on the same wavelength. And you can be proud of the fact that not missed his destiny!

History of life. No new posts with nick Эндорфинка shares his joy: «I would never have thought of teacher of music and a realtor can be a good team and… family! I will never forget how we started playing. When he was not in the game, often my visits were unsuccessful, but I knew that he will not swear – come, kiss smiley in the nose and say, “All right, sweetheart, will make it”. And then came the moment, the train arrived in Moscow, and at the station met me Misha with a bouquet of roses… There was a wedding, and then we had a little “dragon”, three hundred and weight. Good luck to you all, love each other and be loved!».

Онлайн-игра способствует романтике Online game helps romance

Summarizing some results, we wish all our readers: play with advantage and pleasure. Let skills in online games: the ability to focus and come to the purpose, plan and improvise creatively, work in team and individual result, – make your «real» life more bright and interesting!


* Азурианцы – one of the factions in the game.

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