Это вы не пробовали: 7 новых секс-гаджетов (ФОТО)

The pillars of the sex industry trying their best to add to the variety of our nights. Well, let’s get acquainted with fun sex news.

Sex in music. Japanese clever ideas. LoveTrainer – like an mp3 player, but only at first glance. The play list is picked up so that each time the act of love match a certain mood and rhythm. There are tunes for foreplay, development, climax and, of course, the final.


Music is accompanied by a suitable moment phrases like “faster”, “stronger” and “often”, i.e. those which usually pronounce ourselves. Indeed, for this and there is a technique to facilitate human life. Device is supplied with the controller for the pulse. Sorry, there are no counter lost calories, but the progress does not stand still – we’ll wait.

Sex in the morning. An alternative to an alarm clock. This mechanism you never want to crack something heavy to stop побудку. English manufacturers of Gallus et Mulier Limited invented the vibrator, which can be put on a timer, and it will Wake you not annoying, though favorite tune, and his gentle influence.


The speed and intensity of the vibrations can build for themselves, in private life, if I may say so, the device has неощутим, did not interfere, and on the night trips to the toilet is not affected.

Phone sex. Application for mobile phones called LovePalz will have sex at a distance. Communications Wi-Fi and Bluetooth with special sex parts, you can find yourself in the world of mutual pleasure.


Made sex toys in the style of hi-tech and repeat the appointment of ordinary bodies. Motion of one partner is read by the program and transferred to another part of the device with the same speed and pressure. Worth a phone call.

Sex without restrictions. Chair IntimateRider invented for people with restricted movement. People with injuries of the locomotor system, paralyzed because of illness, cannot have sex long and generally have difficulty in private life.


Chair designed to move can be freer. It has a lot of devices for easy change body positions. Tests confirm that the risk of depression in those who use the invention has decreased significantly.

Sex as a game. The company XStream3D Multimedia seriously approached the implementation sex stories and concepts of computer games. The essence of the game – in making love with the characters as one of them. To bring to reality virtual sex, developers bought the right to use these images pornstars.


Sex itís hands. Well-known manufacturers Lelo vibrators surpassed themselves. New management technologies enables to direct the movement of sex toys, not even touching the console! It is difficult to imagine what physical pleasure is a promise, but a lover, waving hands, should look impressive.


Sex like a man. That is, with the robot. Rubber dolls for men, dildos and other sex toys for women, of course, will not replace sex with this partner. But factors loneliness and total employment, alas, too, must take into account. That is why on the creation of modern robots-androids now fighting the same time, many producers of the sex industry.


The world’s first sex robot Roxxxy.

Americans Robotics and Human Engineering Laboratory create Electromechanical skeletons. University of Tokyo develops synthetic “skin”, capable to pass tactile sensations. Until she can “feel” the only pressure but in the near future she is going to add sensitivity to temperature and humidity. Difficult to develop common standards, because arrange the perfect sex life is not easy.

Source: lady.mail.ru

Photo: PantherMedia/Scanpix, Facebook

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