Три лучших средства по уходу за сухой кожей летомТри лучших средства по уходу за сухой кожей летом
Dry summer skin suffer most. WANNA offers cosmetics, simple to prepare and use, which will allow to keep a youth and skin elasticity. These recipes are still helping to care for a Sophia Loren.
A small amount of pharmacy chamomile fill with cold mineral water (still take or to ensure that came out of the water gas). The resulting slurry is heated to 80 degrees, but do not boil. When the mask has cooled slightly, it put on a clean face for 20 minutes.
Sensitive and irritable skin comes alive, if you treat her mask of rose petals. Tablespoon crushed rose petals pour boiling water, give a little brew and seasoned potato starch so that was a plastic mass. Mask is laid on on a person on 15 minutes.
To clean dry skin is best lotion rose petals. Half a Cup of petals poured with boiling water and infuse during the day, then filtered. The liquid, add a tablespoon of glycerin or camphor spirit. Keep lotion in the refrigerator.
Internet resources: the Three best care products for dry skin in summer

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