Пора на воды! 18 купальников, которые примерила бы Мэрилин Монро

Heard a song (in the 60s her singing literally in all languages!), about a girl, which bought a «new yellow polka dot bikini», but… never ventured out of cabanas, because terribly shy?

– repeated country singer Brian highland, and after the French Delilah, and… yeah where only the sticky melody-teaser not used?! Even if we are not mistaken, in advertising juices… what we? Yes to the fact that cute swimwear all colors and color, without which today we cannot imagine no summer, even half a century ago were considered «indecent» and «immoral», so take root in the summer wardrobe those fashionistas very reluctantly. The popularity bikini brought Marilyn Monroe – blonde beauty, which is not only boldly sported, half-dressed during various photo shoots, but teasing men with the screen (the most recent in the movie «something must happen). 

Since then, swimwear earned not only an impeccable reputation, but a permanent place of residence in the «vacation suitcase.» Do not doubt that you have taken a fancy (and, possibly, acquired) one or more sets for this summer. And if not, maybe you anything fancy in our bikini-compilation? In the height of summer holidays we walked through the capital’s shops and selected the swimsuits that would just wanted to try on Marilyn Monroe, trendsetter in bikini!

Пусть Мэрилин Монро и признавалась, что «никогда не загорает, потому что любит быть блондинкой с головы до ног!», она обожала фотосессии в бикини на фоне солнца и морской глади! Let Marilyn Monroe and acknowledged that «never tans because he loves to be the blonde from head to toe!», she loved in a bikini photo shoot against the sun and the sea!

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