Определить риск импотенции теперь можно в интернете

Non-specified age, high blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction. Calculate the risk of this problem with the online calculator, created on the website of The Daily Mail.

For example, if you are 50, you smoke and have hypertension, the risk will be 14% (twice the average indicators). 40-year-old man who does not smoke, but it suffers from hypertension and heart disease will have 8% of the risk.

As the statistics, patients with erectile dysfunction “younger” (she is diagnosed in 8% of men older than 20 years and 11% of men over the age of 30). Often dysfunction cause mental problems, including anxiety and stress. But the older age group plays a key role lifestyle (pressure, cholesterol, Smoking, diabetes, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol).

Also problems occur with decreased testosterone level and injuries of the nervous system. But, as a rule, the main cause of impotence is the disruption of blood flow to the groin area. It is unhealthy (read — “sedentary”) lifestyle can provoke a narrowing of vessels in this area and, as a consequence erectile dysfunction.

Source: meddaily.ru

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