Чтоб их черти взяли: самые вопиющие модные ляпы с летних улиц Москвы

Men and clothing is an endless topic for female humor, as correctly noticed one of our readers in the comments to the article about why men are so poorly dressed. And the truth is, why is the male manner pick up their clothes and shoes on the principle convenient-heat-nothing prevents we are ready to laugh in his voice, and his own mistakes prefer to discuss only in silence alone with herself? On the face of blatant inequality!

We offer all the same to muster and look at ourselves in a critical look. In material about fashion bad advice you have discovered something that you have in the wardrobe? And in the list of stupid purchases summer came across that thing you just bought? Or maybe, having read the tips on how to pick up underwear in the summer, you admitted yourself that always wear a normal bra under a backless dress?

Without physical evidence of a fair trial precision cannot be, so we sent our editorial photographer watch fashion blunders on the streets of Moscow. Made the report showed that the heat of the summer sometimes not the best way affects the way they dress (in this case even the word «undress» would better fit), and the long-forgotten us nightmares of the past – long pleated skirts, costumes plush, colourful tights and crochet boots – still alive and kicking. It turned out that some girls still choose their bags on the principle of «to like Chanel, Вьютон or D&G», as in school, wear t-shirts with Disney characters, logos Versace and embroidered and beaded consciously tend to be very open or transparent clothes, even if it is just about a walk in the Park, not about the party.

Как не ослепнуть от такой красоты? How to not lose sight of such beauty?

Have you noticed the same fashion sins which saw the photographs ordinary girls from the streets of Moscow? Share in the comments!

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