Сегодня в Киеве пройдет фестиваль Kiev Сity PicnicСегодня в Киеве пройдет фестиваль Kiev Сity Picnic
Today, June 15, in the Metropolitan Green theatre opens the city day festival Kiev City Picnic.
Kiev City Picnic is day music festival, which includes a summer sports entertainment, exhibitions, concerts, presentations, master-classes, lectures and fair which sells products relevant to rest.
On this day everyone will be able to hear presentations Whomadewho, Pompeya, Valentina Strykalo, Tomato Jaws, Rozhden, Awesomatic, Stepan i Meduza and Сollars. Will also DJ sets from Poko Sokh, Guillaume Malaret, Boris Fornetti, Dewinn, Slava Lepshev, Smailov and others. Active visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to join фудкорту, skating, лонгборду, ping-pong, badminton, street ball, will test drives of new cars and take bicycles.
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In addition, guests of the event expect good food and drinks from the best restaurants of the city.
Entrance fee – 160 UAH, in the day of the event – 200 UAH.
Address: Green theatre (Park road, 2. Arsenalna metro station)
Internet resources: Today in Kyiv, will host the festival of Kiev City Picnic

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