Сегодня Вознесение Господне: традиции праздникаСегодня Вознесение Господне: традиции праздника
Ascension and Holy Trinity Day one of the main Christian holidays, which are included in Orthodoxy in the number of the twelve feasts and inextricably linked.
The ascension of the Lord is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter, in honour of the ascension of Jesus Christ into heaven and his promise of the second coming. And the Trinity is celebrated on the tenth day after the ascension and is the symbol of the descent of the Holy spirit to the earth in the form of fire and the birthday of the Christian Church.

Calendar holidays
This year the Ascension is celebrated on Thursday, 13 June, and the Trinity Sunday, 23 June. Because these days of celebration directly depend on the calculation of Easter, the earliest Ascension can be celebrated on 13 may, and at the latest on June 16. The earliest Trinity is 23 may, and at the latest on June 26.
These Christian holidays, as well as many others, are strongly associated with a long tradition, pagan rites and worship of nature, which take their origin from the depth of centuries. The ascension and the Trinity are based on the celebration of the transition spring to summer. It was believed that these days, Spring gives the reins to Fly, and nature is full of forces and together with the person celebrates the peak of its power.
This year the power of the triumph of nature and green holidays enhanced by the fact that the Trinity coincides with the days of the summer solstice maximal power of the Sun and the light time of the day in the Northern hemisphere.

Folk beliefs about the Rapture
The ascension of the last day, which is pronounced Paschal greeting: Christ is risen!. In the people’s Ascension is considered a rainy day: the Forty days Jesus Christ walks on the earth, and only then in heaven, here and washes the land of rain.
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A night under the Ascension called Nightingale. According to folk omens, just before the celebration nightingales sing louder and louder than the rest of the time. Previously it was considered a sin to catch this night Soloviev, otherwise within a year of the hunter waited for continuous failures.
On Ascension baked with green onions, paying tribute to the first green collected in his garden.
Dew on Ascension attributed healing properties. It was believed that if you build it, read over her right spell and give drink to the sick, any dirt arm lift.

Завивание birch
The Ascension of the girls could curl birch. In the birch grove girls went with songs, and in it, broken into pairs, curled branches of birch trees in spit (right on the tree, not breaking them): intertwining with each other, grass, flowers or ribbons. Such wreaths could be the father, mother, sister, brother, or lover. On Pentecost, back to the birches and examined their wreaths. In fact, wilted wreath or not, tried, whether next year happy for whom he was too. After birch necessarily developed, considering that the tree may be offended. According to folk omens, girl no one wreath not wilted, necessarily married this year.

Folk sayings about the Ascension
The Ascension of all the flowers of spring bloom.
Blossom spring until the ascension.
Reached a spring to a red color to the ascension then she and the end.
Spring of Ascension to heaven rises to rest in Paradise shining asks.
Glad to spring in Russia вековать вековушкою, and come Вознесенья day прокукует кукушкою, Nightingale зальется, to the bosom fly away.
Come Вознесенья day, throw spring laziness, summer could be-прикинется, for work in the field would start.

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