Топ 4 витамина для хорошего сексаТоп 4 витамина для хорошего секса
Australian scientists have concluded that our orgasms directly depend on whether there is a balance between 4 vitamins in the body.
The matter is that vitamins A, C, E and b complex vitamins In are responsible for the quality of sex life for both men and women.
Data vitamins can be found in the pharmacy, and use complex. But be sure to consult with your doctor as they impact on your body.
Also, the body can receive them with food. For example, vitamin C is necessary to search in citrus, berries and a kiwi. B vitamins are present in bananas, potatoes, marine fish. Vitamin A find in eggs, liver, fish oils, and dairy products (butter, cream, milk). But the vitamin E in large numbers presented in vegetable oils, bran, almonds, soy, walnuts, tomatoes and lamb.
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