Топ 5 продуктов, которые опасно есть летомТоп 5 продуктов, которые опасно есть летом
In the heat of 40 degrees most of the products very quickly. Below you will find five types of products ,which need to be very careful. And and do better to abandon their use in the summer.
Eclairs or scones with cream

You need to be alert and remember: all the cakes, which is cooked with the use of butter, oil or protein cream, can deteriorate over an hour. Therefore, no cakes in the road and cakes in the kitchen. Buy only those products that were made today and eat them as soon as possible.


The poisoning of fish in the summer is the most common. So about how to buy smoked, dried fish or fresh fish on the market, cannot even be considered. Buy it only in the store and carefully consider before you buy. The fresh fish must not be dull eyes, dark gills and flaking scales. But the dry should be really dry.
Cottage cheese

Dairy products summer deteriorating very rapidly, in particular, the bacteria multiply in cottage cheese. Be careful when you buy it on the market, but in the store take boldly, only learn the date of manufacture.


Never buy a boiled crayfish, only the living and the only natural color with a tail. All others can cause poisoning.


Be extremely careful when choosing raw eggs – like a market, and in store. They tend to lose quality in the heat, their shelf life summer is greatly reduced. Pay attention to the date on eggs, and поколачивайте. Fresh eggs not колотятся. At home, you can check: drop into the water. If sinks to the bottom, so good, will rise on a surface – and spoiled.

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