Топ-5 самых нелепых вопросов гинекологу

Here is a list of the most common and foolish questions to the gynecologist.

1. I rarely have sex, is this normal? This question is among the most common, and is connected with decrease in libido effect of stress and other factors.

2. What is that smell? This question can be classified as the most uncomfortable. Many believe that smell «fish» is something completely unique and certainly terrible. This is actually a disease called «bacterial vaginosis, which should be treated with antibiotics.

3. Should I be tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases)? Stupid question from a woman who is not secured and is frequently changing partners.

4. Should I have an orgasm to get pregnant? For women only be one answer: no.

Only male ejaculation matters. And, of course, the days of ovulation in women.

If a man ejaculated, his sperm will continue its movement in a woman’s body. Meanwhile, the woman may be none ecstatic excitement.

5. Will the special position to get pregnant? Currently there is no scientific justification, that this or that pose helps to get pregnant.

All questions are important, none of them are ridiculous

Meanwhile, the editorial office TVNET received a letter from the doctor, in which the woman wrote that stupid questions at the gynecologist did not happen. We must ask about everything that I want to know.

«Women in Latvia, especially girls who are just starting sexual life, and so shy to ask the gynecologist. However, all the questions are acceptable, and they must specify how they would potentially ridiculous or silly it may seem,» believes the medical worker.

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