Топ 5 мест, которые стоит посетить в Дубаи этим летомТоп 5 мест, которые стоит посетить в Дубаи этим летом
United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a vivid example of that tale, still exist. This region for a long time already dubbed the eighth wonder of light. Country of paradoxes and contrasts, magnetism, true Asian charm and appeal of which is hard to describe.
In this controversial and young country (42), the richest investments and advanced world technologies, but constantly having problems with the Internet. Right in the midst of the desert stretch of lush gardens, oases and hotels, water supply worth millions of dollars, but the beauty demands victims of any financial. In the shortest possible time, but the quality, here are based highest and phenomenal skyscrapers, and perfect roads rapidly race luxurious and expensive cars, unique and exclusive. The severity of borders with the luxury and poverty with a fabulous way of life.
In order to understand all the splendor and grandeur, contradiction, and the power of the Emirates, it is necessary to visit each of them is Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, RAS al Khaimah, Umm al Quwain, Fujairah and Sharjah.
Start the journey from Dubai. This is the most popular resort of all the Emirates, but also business centre and an important financial and soul of the country. Beautiful beaches, sun, bustling nightlife, exquisite shopping of Dubai will please everyone and you will find everything for an unforgettable stay.
The main feature of Dubai important for visiting places are near each other and the cost of a taxi will allow you to easily move around the city. You will be amazed by the feeling of unity of the history, traditions and culture with a desire to keep pace with the times, and sometimes ahead of it. The highest skyscrapers and archaeological parks, luxury malls and stunning aquariums, conglomerates of artificial Islands, which have no analogues all over the world, water parks and a huge ski complex, which allows to enjoy winter sports and snow in 50-degree heat. You don’t have 7 days to enjoy all and you will definitely want to return here again and again.
I WANT to chose for you the top 5 places to visit in the first place, to your love affair with the city necessarily formed.
Singing fountains
In addition, they also gracefully and fabulous dance. Is the building in a huge pool near the famous Burj Khalifa. Jet mechanism perform different dance moves, depending on the song. The height of the jets of the fountain reaches 150 meters is the level of 50-th floor. The stunning musical acoustics provide speakers in Arabic style, located around the perimeter of the pool and area. Night illumination shows provide 50 colour projectors and 6000 lamps. Sight fascinates and fully pulls you out of reality, especially after sunset, especially if you are able to see the show under compositions Celine Dion and Andrea Bocelli. This effect, when the eyes and soul cry at the same time.

Tower Burj Khalifa
This skyscraper is the pride of the Emirates. It impresses anyone and you really look at it with an open mouth. The tower got in the Guinness Book of records since its opening, because the height of 828 meters. Today it is the tallest building in the world, it 163 floor. In addition, the record was recorded also for the highest restaurant (122 floor), the highest night club (144 floor) and the highest mosque (158 floor), also located in the tower.
Burj Khalifa is designed so that the first 37 floors of the hotel, then technical floors, up to 108 floors – apartments and offices then. On the 124th floor is the famous lookout, climb on that you can on a high-speed Elevator for 10 seconds, however, after waiting a long line. However, the view which opens – is worth it. You spellbound’ll look at the city, the panorama of which is seen at 40 km ahead.

Ski resort Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai (Dubai) is unique and the world’s only indoor ski resort in the middle East. Also, it holds the world’s third largest indoor ski resorts величине.Находится it at the Mall of Emirates, in the area of al Barsha. The area occupies a territory of 22.5 thousand square meters and can hold simultaneously 1500 visitors. For the local inhabitants it is a snow Paradise for tourists, who are not used to the Arabian sun. In the complex there are 4 ski runs of varying difficulty, you can sledding, snowboarding, skiing and skating, even a snow cave for the little ones. Ticket price includes sports equipment. warm clothing and the right to use the lifts.

Palm Jumeirah
Shook the whole world, an Arab draft bulk artificial Islands. The sand from the Persian Gulf was used for the base of the island. Originally it was intended to 3 Islands, but until fully completed and operates only one – palm Jumeirah, a diameter of more than 5 km of Two other Islands of the project the palm Jebel Ali and palm Deira still under construction. With air palm Jumeirah – this is the real Palma shape, from its trunk depart 17 leaves. These are equipped with hotels, villas, hotels, restaurants. For protection against the waves covered by a breakwater in the form of a Crescent. It is also being built hotels, villas, houses.

In the heart of the man-made island is Atlantis is one of cards of the city. He luxurious, in Arabic style – витиеватом and elegant, quaint and beautiful. The hotel is assigned a category 6 stars, its area is 46 hectares, 17 of which are water Park Aquaventure. At 1539 rooms, the most luxurious ones Bridge Suite, which is just above the arch that connects the East and the West building.

Gold market Gold Souk
This place is the best displays of ethnic flavor love of luxury, beauty and treasures. Is the market in the downtown shopping district of Dubai, Deira. Even if your plans do not include replenishment of the collection of gold decorations. go here costs. You will appreciate what it really means mountain of gold. Rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, just gold bars, coins. All the glitters, glitters, surprises with its luxury and feeling of a fairy tale. It pleases me that like any other market, bargain is a good tradition. So do not hesitate and safely bring down the price at least by one third.

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