Топ 5 секретов гармоничных отношенийТоп 5 секретов гармоничных отношений
Most banal truths, however, remind them sometimes be! From the attitude towards themselves and the world depends on how well will your relationship with other people. So:
Treat yourself as you would like to be treated others. The man, having come in this world, should do just one thing to be happy. And if you get it, you’ll see how soon the world will respond with positive response. If you want him to love you, to start to love themselves.
Take care of your health and physical condition. You can search for any number of excuses, but eternally tortured, ill and unhappy man is hard to love, because it arouses pity, and this is, in fact, has nothing to do with love. So everything will be better, if you look good and feel great.
Do not be afraid of criticism and think of the failure of humor. It is very difficult, accumulating life experience, continue to treat life openly, positively and with the belief that everything will work out. This would be the case, so that next time! Never too late to laugh at blunder and start over.
Act in accordance with their needs. Our women often suffer sacrifice, while the slave lad long been abolished. It is not worth to take on a massive burden. You have the right not only to work but also rest. And it is a reason to respect you.
Boldly take the feelings. Hidden emotions, positive and negative very impinge on the psyche and can cause infection. So, anger, and love is to be expressed. This does not mean that need to rush with his fists on взбесившего person you are. Probably, you will in the hearts break a Cup, to relieve the tension. A secret love you can throw out by writing a poem, or drawing a picture, and it is not important that you are not an artist, and not a poet.
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