Топ 5 ситуаций, когда шопинг лучше отложитьТоп 5 ситуаций, когда шопинг лучше отложить
The success of the shopping largely depends on the situation. If you want to travel to the shops not only helped to unwind, but also benefit, in the form of healthy новоприобретений, always be aware of the situation before shopping. In some cases, the shopping is better to postpone.
The nervous situation. When everything goes wrong, trouble at work, and in my personal life, nothing good, they tend to fall into despair, accompanied by a persistent desire to go into a store and pull all the money. Do not do this. The peace of mind you thus get money spend on a completely unnecessary things and get upset even more.
Shopping for the company. If your girlfriend calls you proshvyrnutsya shopping, you can of course it go. That’s just not take any unnecessary money, as it is not yours, and it, the celebration of life. Your tastes, capabilities and habits may not come together, and items purchased under the influence will not be useful.
Financial situation. When no money to spare, go to the store not worth it, even if the temptation is great. Why then eating myself for every spend a penny? Better to wait for the salaries and give yourself a day of real pleasure. Or, you can arrange a shopping kiosks and voltage drop, and means you will save.
A vicious circle. If you urgently need to buy, say, shoes, you go to the store and you can’t choose the right model… And in the other shop is not your size… In the third the size is, but the color does not suit you… So today is a bad day for shopping and better do something else. Fear not your thing anyway you wait.
Lack of time. Do not expect that it will be possible to skimp quickly. Shopping Brooks no rush, so if you have only an hour of free time, it is not even begin. And, if we really want to buy yourself something essential in the nearest store: cream, socks or handkerchief.
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