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There is a category of people who have never watching their weight, eat as much as they like and have always been thin. What is the secret of the magic? Just in genetics? I want to offers to understand.
The psychological factor. Category emaciated from the nature of people are not interested in how much they weigh. They, moreover, that does not follow the extra calories, they often don’t even know their exact weight, relying on self-regulation of the organism. The ongoing commitment of mentality on the issue of weight loss may have been triggered on the contrary forcing the pounds pile up.
Self-sufficiency. Slender people tend to positive thinking. They are not important stereotypes, so that to criticize himself for dialed weight in their eyes looks unworthy. You might think that a few extra inches waist makes men worse. People ready to love ourselves as are most often remain thin.
The question of food. Most often thin people eat when hungry 75-100% of cases. However, they can afford to eat and for other reasons: because you want something specific, tasty from 0 to 25% of situations, or to lose, say, the emotional stress from 0 to 10%. If cake cheer up, it is important to eat it, and no matter what cherished 19.00, after which neither-nor are long gone.
Ration. Skinny listen to the needs of the body and only eat what you want. They won’t eat on prescribed diet meals, even if they were a thousand times useful. Because they always knows what she wants body at the moment, but all other things are not simply taken for food.
The amount of food. Lean eat a little and focused. It is always important to hear when it comes saturation and not going over too much. As slender people often lead an active life, have a lot of ideas and they are constantly in motion, the extra heaviness in the stomach stopping them, so they prefer not to burden your body ballast.
Intuition and sport. From the nature slender man rarely залеживается on the couch. At the same time, so people tend not to overload yourself in sporting terms. Discomfort causes them to take up the charge. And they do it with pleasure, but only until they feel that charging is needed.
Life goals. In lean always have dreams, aspirations, plans and objectives. They are engaged in favourite business, they never boring, they rarely take offense, and the destruction perceive with humor and without fatalism. Even with the age of positive-minded people do not cease to be interested in the life and enjoy it.
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