Топ 7 полезных сексуальных навыковТоп 7 полезных сексуальных навыков
Perhaps the wording to enjoy sex seems strange. Is it not for pleasure we have sex? The problem occurs when a woman some time with anyone not found, departs from a breakup and before the next attempt of rapprochement too nervous. Worried that her body’t like your partner that it will not be able to give pleasure. In the end of experiences can relax and have fun.
The ability to have sex and enjoy art sex completely different things. What do you want, enjoy lovemaking?
Be here now
Here and now means that you refrain from plunging into your inner world. In the archives of its memory that stores memories, sensations, imaginative ideas and plans for the future. But in the head can get any thoughts: off if stove, future examinations, necessary expenses memories about sex with the former. For example, now feeling good, and memory immediately shoved cases when it would be even better. As writes Anvar Bakirov in the book of NLP. Games. In win woman, such a strategy is good in the office of the dentist pleasant memories distract from the pain. But in bed with her beloved man should be here and now. In the present, where there is no past and no future, only a single moment now.
Focus on the sensations
Another way to spoil all the buzz distracted by what you see and hear. The more attention is paid to the image (for example, Queen too closely examines partner or thinks about how she looks, admires herself or himself in a picturesque pose) and sound row (bed creaked, cat meows), the poorer become the sensation of touching and internal sensations of the body. What else is there? Don’t scream loud the neighbors will hear, children Wake… Concentrate on the sensations of his body, all other words and pictures add your pleasure.
Get rid of muscle tension, сковывающего body. Immerse yourself in the sensations. By the way, if the body are formed muscle clamps, this suggests that you lock any emotions. Imagine slip the hand of the man on your stomach and stomach suddenly becomes hard. Strokes hand and arm tense and freezes. Not chill! Be vigilant! Yes please, allow me to finally lose control over himself! Relax next to someone you trust. Relax your body, the mind, open heart. Give freedom to his body conductor of beautiful experiences. A relaxed body does not waste energy on voltage it gives her partner, translates into pleasure. Free body moves in its internal rhythm and picks up the subtlest feelings.
Free breathing
‘t control your breathing, breathe deeply and often. Instituted on your body needs oxygen. A large amount of oxygen brain translates into a different state, not such a clear, slightly опьяненное. A sharp breath and sharp, with effort exhale, can flush of blood carbon dioxide. Provided that you are not moving. When moving the body is nothing to fear. Just in case, proper breathing is an active breath and relaxed exhale.
Catch the desires of the body
This follows from the previous skills. If you are in the present moment, body and breath are free, no thoughts, they reveal their feelings and their continued desire. Remember, restraining the thoughts you tight down the body. Straining your body, blocking experience. Follow the instant desires, do what you want.
Disable head
Ask your inner voice half hour of silence to shut up. If it does not help, telling him to shut up. Not forever, for an hour and a half. Ask him why he bothers you to enjoy. Thank for your help and send all thoughts to strengthen their feelings. Catch the feelings that fill your body, immerse yourself in what is happening to you right now.

Avoid restrictions
Forget such words: you can’t, can’t, should, so do not do. You are near a person who does not read your thoughts. He literally moves to the touch, and even suspected that stretches around the minefield of your superstitions and taboos. Answer the questions: what prevents you from? Who said that you can’t do that? Why do you believe? If you do, you will think of themselves a bad thing? What happens if you do this? What will happen if this is not done? ‘s happened before, that was impossible, and now can I? Be confident, be here now, don’t avoid pleasures, lose your head in the bed with your loved one.
Finally a few tips from sherry Argob, author of the bestseller the Bitch was married. Do not believe anything that says the man in bed. If during first sex you have ever heard a love confession to throw this guy. For a Declaration of love need other conditions and a stronger case. Never say to a man about his rich or little sexual experience. The first disgusting, second suspiciously. He may think that you have something to hide.
In conversations after sex absolutely can not complain about life, talk about his past, about the former, such a bastard, and especially about their physical complexes. Woman after sex to please yourself. Woman after sex to please a man, with whom she was. No man wants to be a remedy for improving low self-esteem. He just won a Queen, and give her pleasure. She, instead of enjoying, worried that her big butt. And still. He will understand, that such a girl is easy to manage.
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