Топ-модель Ирину Шейк преследует одержимый фанат

Bride of the famous football player Cristiano Ronaldo, who lives in new York, Russian model Irina Sheik went to the police with a request to protect her from the obsessed fan.

As it turned out, Irina for several years already suffers from attention its too настырного admirer. Obsessed fan regularly appears at the building, where the apartment is charming brunette in Manhattan.

However, obsessive fan until seems quite harmless. The person whose name is not known, only to bring flowers and gifts for fashion models. However, once a fan still managed to sneak in apartments celebrities — it happened after hurricane in autumn 2012. Then Russian mannequin conducted repair in flooded after the hurricane hit possessions. Detecting the intruder, Irina Shake became very frightened and immediately called the police, however, the man managed to escape before the arrival of the authorities.

Recently the guards of the house, where he lives Irina, also repeatedly seen her lover. Eventually Shake appealed to law enforcement bodies-model is hoped that the police officially prohibit Intrusive обожателю approach it.

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