Трендовое хобби: посткроссингТрендовое хобби: посткроссинг
In 2005, the Portuguese student Paulo Магальяесу, коллекционировавший postcards, decided to register a community for such collectors. From that moment began the co-line and off-line worlds, and there was such a thing as postcrossing, which became for many a real hobby.
The essence of the idea is simple. By registering on the site and filling out the profile (it provides your interests, preferences and wishes sent postcards), a person gets a random address that he will send a postcard. Plus ID number that the recipient will bring into the system as soon as it receives a postcard. At the same time as your identification code will be registered by the system, your address will get to a random sender, and soon postcard will get you.
The popularity of postcrossing is explained by the element of surprise: a man never knows in advance where he will have to send a postcard and where and when it comes otvetka. This method of collecting helps not only to collect postcards, but in absentia to travel around the world.
The first million cards was sent to three years of existence of the site. Next thing went faster. If in 2008 for the year people have sent to each other 1 million cards in the past year, circulation of envelopes amounted to 14 million units. In Ukraine postcrossing is becoming more popular. In the list of 212 countries registered on the website, Ukraine occupies the 10th place on user activity. In the first place the USA, Germany on the second and on the third Finland. The cost of sending a postcard is placed in the amount from 2 to 6 grn., depending on the place of residence of the recipient.
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