Модный урожай: как подобрать одежду для фигуры типа «Яблоко»

The form of fruit: clothing for the figure of the type «Apple»

Knowledge of the individual characteristics of your figure will help you choose the right clothes with the mind and the expectation that accentuate your dignity. Today we look at the type of Apple body shape and learn how to correct some of the shortcomings of this type of figure.

Description of type Apple body shape 

For this type is characterized by rounded shape of the body with brightly expressed waistline. Breasts and hips have approximately the same volume, but due to the lack of a waist, or the presence of a small tummy this figure cannot be attributed to the type of «Hourglass». Holders of type Apple body shape may also complain of little growth, from which the figure looks fuller, or the tendency to rapid weight gain.

Адель Adel Эшли Грин Ashley Greene

Кейт Уинслет Kate Winslet Кейт Уинслет Kate Winslet

Дженифер Хадсон Jennifer Hudson Дрю Бэрримор Drew Barrymore

The main advice to owners of type shape Apple 

This type of shape in the first place needs to be beautifully accentuated waist. For this you can use the optional strap or belt or a preference for the most part only waist fit real service. We advise to pay attention to the fixed cloth underwear. Support bra and panties or body with утягивающим effect will help to make your Breasts bigger and waist of her background – thinner. The problem of small growth, from which the figure of the type «Apple becomes fuller, can be solved with the help of longitudinal vertical lines on the clothes. They can be cut, and drawing on the clothes. Preferably choose the clothes made of dense texture fabrics and finishing.

Jaeger Jaeger Milly Milly

Akris Akris Octavio Octavio

Top type Apple body shape 

Look for dresses with a belt at the waist, dresses with a smell and dresses with high waist. Sweaters and tops choose with a shallow V-neck. The length of the top should be below the waist, so as not to attract attention to your abdomen, neck and chest opened using the neckline. Jackets and light jackets should be selected for the extra form-fitting, preferably with a seal in the shoulder area and one row of buttons instead of two. Coat should have a length of up to about mid thigh. The coat or тренчах must be present belt. Swimwear for the type of Apple body shape should have a notch in the area of the waist or decorative belt.

Rag & Bone Rag & Bone Versace Versace

Violet Lake Lake Violet Just Cavalli Just Cavalli

Bottom type Apple body shape 

To give shape the type «Apple slim silhouette help skirts and trousers with high waist. They hide tummy and make more rounded hips. Worth a try model skirts of the sun and the skirts of the trapezium, skirt-shorts-skirts. Mini-skirts are best avoided if you have a small growth. Optimum length for you will be the average – up to the knee or to mid-thigh.

Christopher Kane Christopher Kane Chloe Chloe

Colors of the clothes for the type of Apple body shape 

For this type of figure recommended narrow vertical lines on clothing in the form of strips, small-scale drawings and contrasting transitions of colors for the top and bottom of service.

Witchery Witchery Ted Baker Ted Baker

Accessories for the type of Apple body shape 

From accessories, choose those that emphasize chest and сфокусируют attention to the neckline. It can be beautiful necklaces, and long pendant on a chain, and a thin scarf. Bulky bags this body type is not suitable. Looking to the medium variant of small arms and on a short shoulder. 

David Yurman David Yurman Missoni Missoni

What to avoid owners of type Apple body shape? 

Owners of type Apple body shape undesirable to wear as too fitted and baggy clothing. Contraindicated tops and dresses with a dropped waist, tight skirts and pants, round cut-outs on the clothes. Any horizontal line figure stretched outwards, so no stripes or a large image, especially in the upper part of the figure.

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