Троица 2013: традиции православияТроица 2013: традиции православия
The feast of the Trinity in the people often called Green Sunday or Green feast. These names remind about the cult of vegetation and earthly fertility, which existed among the Slavs. Often Trinity falls on the month of June, and it is particularly suitable for celebration of the spring revival of land, which by this time covered by the most lush and fresh greenery.

The history of the feast
Trinity is celebrated by the Orthodox Church on the 50th day after Easter and still referred to as Pentecost. This day is about two thousand years ago, after the Crucifixion, Resurrection and ascension of Christ into heaven, the apostles together with mother of God met in the house, which was held the last supper. Suddenly I heard a noise as if a terrible storm, and followed the noise in the house appeared tongues of fire that separated and stopped at each of the apostles over the heads. In this flame the apostles felt the presence of the Holy spirit. Thanks to him, they were able to speak the languages of all peoples of the world and everywhere preaching the doctrine of Christ.
Trinity is considered to be the holiday of birth of the Christian Church, and the Descent of the Holy spirit reveals the triplicity of God: God the Father created the world, God the Son redeems people from slavery to the devil, God the Holy Spirit sanctifies the world through the dispensation of the Church.

Trinity Saturday
On Saturday, on the eve of the Trinity (the Parent Saturday, Задушная Saturday, Trinity grandfathers) is committed by a Requiem service. On this day, people go to the cemetery to visit the graves of their dead relatives and honor their memory. The Green holidays, and after the Passover, came to the cemetery and showered graves of relatives of greenery and flowers.
This Saturday remember those who died an early death (non-baptized children; girls, not lived to marriage; drowning; those who are missing). Also the Parent Saturday is the only day in the year when commemorate suicide.

The worship of the Trinity
Celebration in honor of the Trinity Church was legalized only in the 4th century and became popular in Ancient Russia in the 14th-16th centuries. Link this to the activity of St. Sergius of Radonezh (1314-1392), which has taken his own life by the Ministry of the Holy Trinity, to the contemplation of its побеждался fear of hateful discord of this world.
On the importance and solemnity Whitsun second only to Easter. The worship of the Trinity begins with a divine Liturgy, which is meant to remind the believers of their baptism, and completes the 50-day holiday period, Easter.
After Trinity opens a new cycle of services, which include the performance of prayers we beheld the true Light and the heavenly King, and compulsory kneeling cancelled in the Easter week. From Pentecost taken to count all the subsequent weeks of the Church year (1st Sunday after Pentecost etc) until the first week of Great lent (the week of the Publican and the Pharisee).

Green holiday
On Trinity Orthodox temples are decorated with fresh greens and the believers to prayer go with trees and with bunches of wild herbs and flowers. The Church believes that the green line is a symbol of a renewed spring and, together with the symbol of the renewal of people’s power of the descending of the Holy spirit. In honor of this holiday priests for services wear the robe of green, and Church utensils decorated with light green fabrics and ribbons. At Trinity, as well as for Christmas, Candlemas and Easter, the Church is made and sanctify candles. Going to Church, believers happily congratulate each other with the Holy Sabbath.

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