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Best comment of the week

Forewarned is forearmed. Recently we have ordained you in the course of a young soldier told us about 6 ways to reveal the betrayal of her husband. But even if all the warning signs «March to the left» is obvious: and beauty beside her husband, «to paint», and he delayed more often than usual, and in the gym enrolled, and smells new perfume is whether it is worth to consider themselves cheated and arrange drama?

Our пользовательницы with nick GGSofia your opinion about the rule of «trust but verify». That’s the kind of story she tells us: «My lodger recently often asks for help from my husband: then the curtains hang, antenna set. Well antenna he set up a whole hour. I broke down and went to look what he was doing there (I live in the apartment next door). In the hallway I hear the creaking of the bed, his heart fell to the feet. Took two steps forward into the room, I saw the husband in the TV digging, and she’s sitting on the bed and squeaks. My God! How I love him. And all because my mother said, “You are too trusting, don’t leave them alone”. Six months married. I think with the mother науськиваниями another six months I’ll start to use techniques of this article!!!»

For the faith in the honesty of his chosen, and a wise irony above stereotypes about the change we give to you, dear GGSofia and the victory in the weekly contest readers ‘ comments on WMJ.ru. Give not simply so, and with an annual set of tools for hand care brand Beautology. Pamper and cherish their hands creams and masks, moisturize and nourish the skin at the cellular level and effectively slow the age-related changes. Formula creams continues to work in the cells even after rinsing!

Ask the winner of the next stage of the contest comments-email us at: pr@webprimegroup.ru – we will tell how to receive the award. And to all our readers wish a trust relationship with your loved one, as in our heroine. Turn into a miss Sherlock Holmes only during the search of the desired things on sales or cheap air tickets for the upcoming holidays!

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