Васильев привезет в Ригу наряды 40–50-х годов

Fifth exhibition organized in the Museum of decorative arts and design Latvian National Museum of art and fashion historian Alexander Vasilyev, dedicated to the fashions of 1940-1950s and offers a look at it from an unusual point of view – «from war to peace».

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Fine fashion has always been an attribute of civilization and a mirror of history. Events of political, economic, cultural life, social disruption and war – all this is a vivid response in the fashion of the time. One of the most dramatic periods in the history of mankind XX century was the Second world war, which led to great destruction, nuclear disasters and redraw the political map of the world. It was followed by a period of relative peace and the baby-boom», accompanied by the heyday of the post-war economy in Western Europe and America.

Photo: press photo

Military turmoil forced the women to adopt a new visual look and move on to a more practical and in some sense the «courageous» clothes. The military style, strongly working with since 1939 in wardrobes, dressers, put it in spacers shoulders jackets and coats, dresses and suits. Items of men’s fashion – epaulettes, large buttons and belts, as well as dense fabric became necessary reflection of the harsh living conditions. New silhouette with shorter than in the previous decade, skirts, shoes on the platform, tall and very extravagant hats, bright lipstick and mesh in hair were the modest but effective

the Arsenal of tools for everyday battle fashionistas on the streets of big cities.

The capital of fashion – Paris was occupied by the Nazis, and many fashion houses were closed. The exhibition includes creations of those houses that survived during occupation, «Lanvin», «Nina Ricci», «Balenciaga», «Schiaparelli», as well as the work of unknown but talented dressmakers of wardrobes popular Actresses and singers of the 1940s.

After the Second world war, in 1947, in Paris opened a fashion house Christian Dior», which first proposed the women attractive silhouette «New Look». In the new сексапильном image felt a lot of femininity and grace. Wide and long skirts sun-flared combined with утянутыми in waist corsages and jackets, and also shouldered and attractive cleavage. Along with models haute couture from «Christian Dior» the exhibition includes outstanding examples of high fashion, proposed by his rivals and competitors – «Pierre Balmain», «Jacques Fath», «Jacques Griffe», «Huber de Givenchy», «Cristóbal Balenciaga, «Madame Grès» and other fashion houses.

All these talented designers helped to shape the image of a female flower, rose from popping open fragrant petals, where the dew drops sparkle in the form of rhinestones and pearls. The new post-war fashion skillfully generates the shape women with large Breasts, narrow waist and sloping hips that loved men and naturally contributed to the «baby-boom».

A huge number of accessories from bedecked small caps «Bibi» and sunglasses «cat’s eye» to designer handbags of plastic, and shoes on a thin stiletto – all this can dip the visitors of the exhibition

in the atmosphere of the recent childhood and youth of themselves or their parents.

Selected samples fashion 1940-1950s draw the younger generation are not familiar with such whims of troubled times.

Graceful pictures brilliant movie stars of the mid XX century – Marilyn Monroe, Liz Taylor, Gina Лолобриджиды and Sophia Loren – will help to recreate the appearance of fashionable and glamorous make-up and hairstyles in which the six-month Curling played not the last role. Achievements of the chemical industry have enabled to introduce into fashion and new materials. Kapron, nylon, metallic steel everyday and have made a great revolution in the care of clothing.

An exhibition From war to peace. Fashion 1940-1950s» make people feel nostalgic dream as the time of harsh, and about the relative post-war happiness under the sounds of those years.

The exhibition is complemented by audio-visual materials from the Latvian State archive.

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