«Война миров Z» и еще 4 лучших фильма уикенда

Last weekend, the leader of the rental was the cartoon «monsters University», on the second place – «Man of steel», followed by «the Illusion of deception», «Personnel» and «After our era». This weekend see War of the worlds Z» brave brad pitt, black Comedy «violet and Daisy, good Spanish horror Apartment 143» and the romantic Comedy with Tina fey and the Floor Next to the «Exam for two».

Science fiction «War of the worlds Z»

Director: Marc Forster

Scenario: Max Brooks, Matthew Michael Карнахан, Drew Goddard, Damon Lindelof, J.. Michael Стражински

Producers: Ian Bryce, David Ellison, Dede Gardner, About Dane Goldberg, Tim Хэдингтон, Graham King, Jeremy Клайнер, Jillian Kugler, Brad Pitt, Floor Швэйк, Bradford Simpson

Operator: Robert Richardson

In roles: Mireille Инос, Brad Pitt, Matthew Fox, David Andrews, James Badge Dale

Nasty virus stops people into zombies, and a former UN employee brad pitt charmingly tries to save the planet. The film is based on the famous book by max Brooks about how people in different countries to tell the main character, what happened to them during a zombie infection. In the movie, the hero moves to the same countries, but not interviewing the population, and saves.

Cool special effects, exceeded twice the budget, beautiful pitt, on which it is pleasant to look under all circumstances… The movie has a great rolling future of marking «+13». But this means that the game will not terrible.

Black Comedy «violet and Daisy»

Director: Geoffrey Fletcher

Scenario: Geoffrey Fletcher

Producers: Geoffrey Fletcher, John Пенотти, Bonnie Тиммермэнн

Operator: Vanya Чернюл

In roles: Сирша Ronan, Cody Horn, Danny Trejo, James Гандольфини, Alexis Бледел, Marianne Jean-Baptiste

Fake Tarantino with two dangerous girls, rivers bright blood and Danny Trejo.

Two young friends fun usually hired killers and all is going well until they do not come across a client, which kill not so easy. He’s cute, bake oatmeal cookies and manifest fatherly care. This is one of the last role of James Гандольфини and one of the reasons show a mix of «Charlie’s Angels», «Kill bill» and бессоновского «Leon».

For Geoffrey Fletcher, who received «Oscar» for the drama «Treasure» with Габури Сибиде, this directorial debut.

Horror film «the Apartment is 143»

Director: Carles Torrens

Scenario: Rodrigo Cortes

Producers: Rodrigo Cortes, Эдриэн Guerra, Gregor Melin

Operator: Oscar Durand

In roles: Michael O’keefe, Rick Gonzalez, Fiona Гласкотт, Francesc Garrido

Simulated documentary horror shot in all the cells in a row: from surveillance cameras to mobile phone.

Residents заселившиеся in an apartment, they began to notice that in parallel with them lives a creature. Can’t see it, it Shalit, explode light bulbs, названивает by phone, makes flying objects, is frightening. Team parapsychologists sets in the apartment camera to deal with the paranormal phenomenon.

Though the story with заселившимся in an apartment inexhaustible on inventions Ghost and shooting a shaky camera have been invented long ago, the film will cause to tremble from fear.

Romantic Comedy «Exam for two»

Director: Paul Weitz

Scenario: Karen Most Apparent In Kroner, Jean Ханф Корелиц

Producers: Kerry Кохански, Andrew Miano, Paul Weitz

Operator: Деклэн Quinn

In roles: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen, Gloria Reuben, Wallace Shawn

Portia (Tina fey) works in the admissions office at Princeton University. Her responsibilities include the selection of those who are worthy of study in the prestigious institution. She met with the cheerful village teacher (Paul Rudd), who tries to cram in Princeton his pupil. Here the карьеристки and «мымры» Porsches new life begins, and it is connected not only with romantic relationships…

Thriller «Jungle»

Director: Andrew Трауки

Scenario: Andrew Трауки

Producers: Annemarie Bell, Andrew Трауки

In roles: Игусти Будиантхика, Rupert Reed, Agos Vijaya Соджарво

Another мокьюментари (imitation of a documentary film about zoologists, facing the Indonesian jungle of the unknown and very dangerous animal. Local people believe that forests are home to the demon. Scientific expedition turns into a struggle for survival.

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