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When I counsel people and start to speak about nutrition, it is very often heard phrase “I tried diets, does not suit me, can’t stand break“. For some reason, many perceive the value of PP as a diet! Maybe now I’ll surprise you, but this is completely wrong.

From a scientific point of view none of the trendy, star and other replicated online diets can not be called a diet. In medical terminology diet is – well-formed and balanced diet, aimed at the achievement of certain treatment-and-prophylactic purposes. The key word is balanced! A popular system of food and weight loss, which are based on severe restrictions of certain products, can give the result only at the cost of undermining the physical and mental health. Under these pseudogout in the body will inevitably cause a shortage of many essential substances that must be obtained from food. This quickly leads to beriberi, anemia, hormonal and immune disorders, etc.

The paradox is that the more thought out the best diets, the more it becomes full of people. After each dietary experiment, the body weight increased by extra weight, and the quality of life, health and well-being are steadily deteriorating.

Features of some popular weight loss methods:

Separate meals

  • – Based on the right assumption that the digestion goes on better and more effective if you simultaneously eat only one kind of food

  • – Weight reduction is possible by reducing total caloric intake

  • – There is a lack of protein, Niacin, calcium and iron

And in fact, every meal we have produced enzymes to digest the proteins and fats, and carbohydrates. In addition, products often contain all these elements. That think fans of this method?


< wrap="original" readability="20.665730337079">Монодиеты включают употребление смузи и фрешей< el="data" readability="36.411048689139">Mono include the use of smoothies and fresh juices valeria_aksakova / Freepik

  • – Content for a set period only need to eat a certain product. For example, Apple, kefir, buckwheat diet

  • – Contrast to the handling of the day – the number of days! Such diets usually practice 4 to 7 days.

  • The result is you lose weight again – by reducing calorie intake.

But – any mono-diet is extremely unbalanced! Because there is such a product which in the right proportions would combine proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Long practice is fraught with serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract and General health.

Salt-free diet

  • – From the body intensively excreted sodium and water. Due to this, the body mass decreases faster than at the time of adhering to other diets (assuming equal energy intake).

But really – weight loss through water is not effective, because it returns after the diet. God forbid that the swelling was not.

Excessively low calorie diet

  • – Energy value of the diet of 600-800 kcal per day.

  • – Well at first it may be transferred very full of people and give a rapid result.

But really slows down metabolism and 30-50% dropped kg returned within a year after the diet. Possible side effects in 25% of cases of possible progression gallstones, loose skin, hair loss, General deterioration of appearance.

Protein diet

< wrap="original" readability="20.434530095037">Избыток белка - это большая нагрузка на организм< el="data" readability="40.403279910548">Excess protein is very hard on the body valeria_aksakova / Freepik

  • – Based on large protein intake and a sharp reduction in carbohydrates.

  • The result is achieved by the fact that in itself the digestion of proteins energy-intensive process.

But here is very large. First, excess protein is very hard on the body, slagging and premature aging. Second, the protein does not contain fiber, necessary for normal digestion. This leads to constipation, formation of kidney stones and gall bladder and intoxication (as accumulated poorly digested food in the intestines produces toxins and poison the body).


By the way, in the first place in speed out losing weight water and muscle, and fat can do to not to walk. After each hard diet hard body begins to accumulate fats. And they occupy the place where once was muscle!

Therefore, any diet not effective! I hope you are convinced. To eat balanced and varied.

The only way to get rid of extra pounds, while maintaining health – a review of their lifestyle in General. You need to get into this mindset, to understand that it’s great, healthy, tasty. And not to forget about physical activity and good restful sleep. We will talk about that in next posts.

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