Свадебный декор и флористика: на что обратить вниманиеСвадебный декор и флористика: на что обратить внимание
When we begin to describe the wedding of your dreams, one of the first adjectives, which is, as a rule, beautiful. After all, we all want from a glance at the place of celebration of the triumph of breathtaking, to all those bright and happy feelings that are overwhelming in this day, reflected in the decor of the holiday.
And it is for the creation of this very beauty meet two important wedding whale – decor and Floristics. It should immediately be noted that in themselves and floristic decor can rarely be self sufficient elements. Wedding, first of all, should have a General idea, concept and design is a way of its expression. And today I will talk about decoration of any zones on the wedding should pay particular attention.
The overall decoration of the place of celebration
Once you have identified the concept of the chosen color scheme, it’s time to go to decorating the place of celebration. Here it is important to sustain the middle, to the idea of easy to read, but the place is turned into a flower shop or workshop decorator. First of all, is to consider the interesting design of the entrance group, as this area will create the first impression of the guests of the holiday. Consider zone wishes, decoration аперитивных tables, interactive zones, that will entertain guests while they await the arrival of the newlyweds. Separately stands out the photo-zone, execution of which is directly tied to how it will be popular. Do not be afraid to dream up and go beyond the fictional norms, and don’t forget the small props on the type of hats, cardboard mustache and glasses, which will create the mood and help you make an excellent staff.
Making zone ceremony
I will not discover America, saying that the exit ceremony is an important and especially beautiful process at the wedding. Here every detail is important. And in the design is not simply the arch, which, incidentally, can be of various shapes and made of different materials. It may even be a beautiful tree, decorated with garlands and ribbons, flower compositions of different levels and even whatnot that will stand memorabilia and photos of newlyweds. Consider the decor of the chairs, which will turn gray guests, decorate the passage by which the couple will go to the place of the ceremony and even specially decorate a pad for rings and glassware, of which the couple drink your first SIP of champagne in a new status.

Decoration of the Banquet hall
There are three components: buffet young, tables for guests and decoration of premises. Regarding the first point, you should understand that it is to the table newlyweds tonight will be turned all the eyes, leading, photographers and videographers, and should take care to ensure that the image was spectacular. Beautiful tablecloth, flower compositions, plates, candle decor of the table depends purely on the selected style of the wedding and wishes of the pair. We should also take care about the space that is directly behind the Desk young and backgrounds.
Decorating tables guests should think of tags, name cards, perhaps small gifts, which will be waiting for each invitee and floral or other decorative compositions that will decorate each table. By the way, not necessarily the compositions were everywhere identical, their differences will be able to article some highlight of which emphasizes the individuality of each table.
The overall decoration of the Banquet hall must be solemn, and at the same time, to draw the attention to himself. Floral compositions must be placed so as not to disturb be no guests, no waiters, no techniques.
Well and, of course, the design should bolster the overall theme of the wedding.
Of course, in one article it is impossible to describe all the subtleties and nuances of registration of the wedding, but I hope that this short introductory excursion give you at least a rough understanding of the importance of decor and Floristics at the wedding, and what you should pay attention first of all. Beautiful you wedding.
Always yours, Sasha Дергоусова
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