Ну и КЕДанули нас! 10 пар модных кед-2013 на каждый день

Well КЕДанули us! 10 pairs of fashion ked-2013 and every day

If to divide shoes on the beautiful and the ugly, convenient and inconvenient, it appears that beautiful and comfortable shoes are always in the minority, and may be, and it does not exist in nature. To appear higher sleeker and slimmer girls can have hours of torture yourself walking on thin stiletto in the narrow and sdavlivaûŝih fingers ботильонах, shoes or sandals, ballet flats, sandals flat shoes and especially shoes considered unworthy and ugly shoes.

Fortunately, radically change the attitude of many to кедам helped fashionable invention, which had almost the same sensation like a long time ago ugg boots – shoes wedges. This Shoe combines the convenience of sports shoes and rise as a hidden wedgies, allowing to fulfill the cherished dream of many girls – add a few inches to growth and not sacrifice its own comfort. The fashion for this sport and non-sport shoes from первооткрывательницы sneakers, wedges French Isabelle Maran spread like a virus on many brands that produce shoes, both on a Shoe and sports brand. Sneakers, wedges help solve the problem of small growth, so it applied to girls who regularly wear no shoes, namely heels.

Isabel Marant Isabel Marant Boutique Boutique Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Found a right to the thousands and thousands of fans, sneakers, wedges made a small revolution in the Shoe world. Since their invention increased demand for shoes as casual footwear, and they were no longer counted as only athletic shoes. Not paying attention to superstitions, many girls today wear sports clothes and shoes with heels and shoes – with skirts and dresses, giving his style slight shade of youth extremism. If you too want to follow their example, look at the fashionable models today ked.

Алессандра Амбросио Alessandra Ambrosio Блогер Леандра Медин Blogger Leandro Medin Хайди Клум Heidi Klum Рианна Rihanna

Sneakers with an air bag, Nike Air Max

The first shoes with Nike Air technology Max were released in 1987. The innovation of this footwear is in the air equity cushion under the heel. Her invention belongs to engineer NASA Frank Rudy. Each model year of the Air Max improved: increased service life of the Shoe and, depending on the fashion trends change color gamma.

Nike Air Max Nike Air Max Nike Air Max Nike Air Max Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Shoes New Balance 990

New Balance main rival Nike in the fight for the hearts and wallets of fans of sports shoes. To adequately compete with Nike, the designers of the New Balance trying to keep up with fashion and new technologies make gel inserts in shoes, extend the colour spectrum and dimensional line for narrow and wide legs.

New Balance New Balance New Balance New Balance Street-style Street-style Street-style Street-style

Shoes Converse All Stars

Converse sneakers were at the peak of popularity in the late 80’s, but the trademark has been registered in Massachusetts in the early XX century. These shoes were worn and continue to wear punks, rockers, skateboarding, basketball players and celebrities. Converse sneakers are so versatile that they can hardly think of any scope – they are good with dresses, and shorts, and with jeans.

Converse Converse Converse x Comme des Garcons Converse x Comme des Garcons Street-style Street-style Блогер Элин Клинг в кедах Converse Blogger Elin Kling Converse sneakers

Sneakers on the platform Superga 2750

Sneakers Italian firm Superga there are already more than a century. The best selling model Superga 2750, recognizable by a small platform white, was invented in the 70-H. Sneakers Superga exist in different colours: have with floral prints, metallic leather, tweed, in a cage and sequins.

Superga Superga House Of Holland X Superga House Of Holland X Superga Блогер Кьяра Ферраньи в кедах Superga Blogger Chiara Ферраньи in Kedah Superga Блогер Гала Гонсалес в кедах Superga Blogger Gala Gonzalez in Kedah Superga

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