«Каков негодяй!» 5 типажей плохих парней, с которыми лучше не встречаться This always want to do the hero of his novel!

Having met such a man, in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred know that communicate with him do not need. That for every beautiful moment have to pay, on the role of the husband he’s not fit and children with him to make impossible in any case. And what? Is it us ever stops? As it is not so! Than бесперспективнее candidate, so it seems more interesting. What to do if you cannot but feel like? Cast prudence to the winds, of course! Experience, it is still useful, even with the most worthless of men.

Our guide on the notorious «scoundrels» should help you on your way out from fallen to your lot tests. For greater visibility and recognition of each type of «bad guys» will use examples from the world classical literature. So, who is the hero of your novel?

«The wretch» unprincipled: Womanizer 

Moderately attractive, solid, confident, absolutely беспринципен even by the standards of our century. In the modern world usually is engaged in business. Married once (so as not to spoil the reputation). Changing wife catches everything that moves. In the intimate relation anything out of presents. As a ladies man disguised as a respectable person, inexperienced girl! – could fall on his fishing rod.

Output: not suffer in any case – just spit and forget.

«The wretch» cocky: Pechorin

In our world, usually mid-level Manager, who read a lot of books for the seduction and thinks that now knows the structure of women. If a young man never gives you what you want, not talk about almost anything and is inclined to accuse you of my sexual failures, this is Pechorin. None of his kiss is not the second, none compliment not mean that more will follow, and you live with him at least five years – you do not believe that he would ever make you an offer.

Output: after quenching first passion quickly find another (to restore confidence).

«Rascal,» the selfish: Onegin

A boy from a prosperous family, educated, well-mannered and cute. He normally works as a programmer, so it is not very immersed in the surrounding world, or writing a thesis on philosophy. Refuses to have sex in the bathroom because it can be germs, wearing two condoms (just in case) and never drank coffee in the cafe, which do not correspond to his view of the wonderful (even if the companion begging for a stop). In bed with nothing special is not, because it is not able to surrender to the case, without a trace. Dangerous exclusively for bright romantic girls, which for unknown reasons sometimes choose his companions such малахольных and, in essence, малосимпатичных people.

Output: in order not to be tempted to wait until he is ripe for marriage, quickly marry someone else.

Капризен, избалован, часто дуется, эгоистичен. Для ярких девушек не подходит! Capricious, spoiled, often sulks, selfish. For vivid girls do not match!

«The wretch» jealous: Othello 

Dark soul of this man does not affect the color of his skin. Sometimes good lover (inherited from Mavra), inclined to care for their property (i.e. women), buy cars, jewelry and dresses, ready to make an offer (even when not asked)that naive girls may be perceived as evidence of love. As the woman of today is not just a decoration of the man’s house, but also «sportsmenka, Komsomolka and simply beauty», Othello attempts to minimize the work, Hobbies and communicate with friends, or otherwise fully block the access of oxygen. And live without oxygen can not even those women who are confident that they have done from the side of man.

Output: escape to another country or even city, and wait until Othello selects another victim.

«Rascal,» a romantic-don Giovanni

Cutest character of all. Sincerely swears eternal love, but get it, very quickly finds another object for a confession. Originates from the artistic environment (often found among the actors and artists). Good lover, because a really loves women, and, oddly enough, is often a good father for example, loves to play with children in football (the benefit of children can be enough to create a complete football team). For child support, however, it is better not to count because of money he never has.

Output: take, to part on good terms and held resentment, to become friends.

That complex relationship ended a happy ending…

As in all serious, it would still spread straw. Please be playmates and friends, who will take you in its arms after the end of the novel. Sign up to a psychologist: «scoundrels» can be very useful for research recesses of your soul. And most certainly pick themselves contraception, reliable «as the entire civil fleet»!

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Соломку-то можно было подстелить! Straw was spread!


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