Чем опасны сладкие газированные напиткиFind out what is fraught with the passion for sweet drinks.


The composition of soda included benzoic acid sodium is a preservative and reduces the amount of potassium in the body. As a result, many fans of soft drinks observed the development of hives, asthma and eczema.


Most popular us soft drinks contain corn syrup with high fructose, which is a sweetener. This corn syrup is quite dangerous for the body and causes the risk of metabolic syndrome, which increases weight and risk for diabetes type II diabetes and serious heart problems.

Tooth enamel

Other harmful components of soda – the sugar and acid that destroy tooth enamel. But one caries it is not ends – the decay is starting to progress quickly, gets to the nerves and roots of teeth, corroding them, thereby destroying themselves fully teeth. But this is fraught with problems with the gums, which can be formed purulent abscesses.

Reproduction system

If you prefer soda in the tin, then you should know that in these tin vessels contains gum, which increases the risk of cancer and problems with reproduction system, such as precocious puberty and other disorders of the body. So think twice before you please the child in such a harmful treat.


Phosphoric acid, much of which is contained in the beloved Kolya, leads to the formation of stones and the development of other renal diseases.


All the same phosphoric acid leads to brittle bones and osteoporosis as acid, vividas from the body takes the needed calcium and other minerals.

Overload sugar

One of the main problems of sweet drinks is Packed with sugar, which causes our body a number of destructive processes. 20 minutes later after we drink a Cup of soda in the body is insulin explosion. And the liver in turn converts the obtained sugar into fat. After 40 minutes, the blood pressure raises, the liver dumps into the blood more sugar. After 45 minutes, stimulated the pleasure center in the brain that brings us pleasure from soda. So, by the way, acts on the human body heroin, so that is something to ponder.


If you’re a fan of sweet drinks, the risk of obesity for you is increased almost twice. This is not surprising, if we take into account the amount of sugar and other harmful substances in the favorite beverage.


As already mentioned, diabetes mellitus of the second type are especially dangerous for those who day can not live without cans of Cola or other sweet water. It is worth remembering that this is not the ephemeral threat – risk of disease increases by as much as 80 %.

We often ignore what is harmful for us, because drinks are delicious, and sometimes you want to pamper yourself with them. If you are able to abandon sweet drinks forever, then try to keep its use to a minimum. Take care of your health and the health of your loved ones!

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