Чем полезен шпинат?Чем полезен шпинат?
Spinach universal green vegetable. It is used not only in cooking, but in cosmetology. A paste of spinach, spread on the face and eyelids, is able to smooth out the wrinkles in just 15 minutes.
Useful spinach and eye, and a tooth, and for the heart. Greens spinach helps reduce blood pressure. Muscles and bones also will thank you for spinach salad. Regular consumption of spinach in food leads to increased productivity muscles on 5%. Additionally, this herb promotes the normalization of weight. Due to the high fiber content, spinach cleans the stomach does not worse granulated pulp. In an ideal diets for vegetable contains only 23 ккалл per 100 grams. What useful in it is there?
In 100 grams of spinach contains:
of 2.9 grams of protein (more happens only in a green pea and young beans);
410% of the daily norm витмина To responsible for increased protein metabolism;
83% of the daily norm of vitamin A, useful for vision, slowing the aging antioxidant;
10-20% of the daily norm of Biotin, regulatory protein and fat metabolism, responsible for the level of sugar in the blood;
40% of the daily norm of vitamin C, stimulating immunity;
5-10% of the daily norm of vitamin e, strengthens a cardiac muscle and normalizing sleep;
10-40% of the daily norm potassium, preventing the appearance of cellulite, normalizing the water balance and supporting cardiac activity;
10% of daily calcium, which strengthens the teeth;
15% of the daily allowance of folic acid that supports the growth and development of the nervous and circulatory systems (especially useful for pregnant women).
Cons spinach is that it is poorly kept fresh. Bought herbs should be used immediately, and the surplus can be sent for storage in the freezer benefit of, frozen this salad retains almost all its favor. Also in spinach lot of water. Keep this in mind when cooking stews the amount of greenery in thermal processing of decrease in seven to eight times.
In addition to the useful elements in spinach contains a lot of oxalic acid. So it is contraindicated in people with urolithiasis, нефритами, rheumatism, gout, acute diseases of the liver, biliary tract and duodenal ulcer. Do not want to give his and children up to two years. However, if saute spinach with cream, the effect of the acid is neutralized and the product will be completely safe.
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