Какую косметику привезти из заграничного отпускаКакую косметику привезти из заграничного отпуска
The holiday season continues. WANT helps readers to spend it with benefit for themselves and their own beauty. Read an overview of the tools to bring back from vacation and which in Ukraine are not available.

We tried to cover those countries, beauty mentions about which there is little neither in the Internet nor in the press. Therefore, in our review we are not talking about France, Germany, States, and Thailand, and on the other, not less interesting beauty мекках.


Once in Sunny Italy, be sure to visit the company store Kiko. Cosmetic brand is famous for democratic prices and good quality. Hit of sales Kiko 100 % natural sponge коняку (Konjac sponge, about 5 90 Euro), intended for washing and gently exfoliate the skin. With it is very convenient to apply any foaming products on the skin, absolutely not injuring her.

Also highly recommend to pay attention to the markers lip (a very natural effect and does not dry the skin, 6, 90 Euro), moisturizing satin lipstick pencil of a long lasting lipstick, 3, 40 euros) and satin shadows (water eyeshadow, 8, 90 Euro).

What to pay attention of the Deluxe series? Of course, the Armani. Cosmetics premium segment is not available in Ukraine (buying through online stores, run the risk of running into a fake), but have at least one tube of Armani is worth every woman is of unmatched quality. Note weightless toners (40 euros), смольную thick mascara eyes to kill (approximately EUR 24) and anti-age care.

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is famous not only for the beautiful views, sweet waffles and great beer. Бьютиголики from different corners of the world come here for shopping. Czech cosmetics is very affordable, and in some cases simply irreplaceable. As, for example, a medicinal ointment Herbamedicus (equestrian ointment) on the basis of natural herbs used for pain in muscles, joints and spine, varicosity.

Another famous Czech brand Manufactura. This natural cosmetics, periodically appearing in Ukraine, is based on salt carlsbad mineral springs. The factory manufactures products for the van and skin care products that do not cause allergies and improve circulation. Also Manufactura is beer and wine series, differing characteristic pleasant aromas.
Another of the series for the care and health of note brands Faon and Ryor and special on Dermacol. Latest brand is widely presented in Ukraine, but mostly decorative cosmetics, while Dermacol many fine of cleansing, toning and anti-ageing products.

Leaving the Czech Republic, take a souvenir glass пилочек Swarowski for myself and my friends. A great tool for manicure and a sweet reminder of well conducted recently.

United Kingdom

Traveling to the UK, be sure to put a few pounds on cosmetics Illamasqua. Brand positions itself as a professional, so on the shelves of company shops, you can find a lot of quality products: persistent tone and varnishes, pigmented shade other than brushes. Very difficult to single out the product, because the brand has a lot of good tools. But perhaps the most successful acquisitions will be small samples of shadows (about 34 pounds sterling) and lipsticks (about 14 pounds).

You’ve probably heard about the unusual beauty gadget from Boots №07. This is an electronic device that scans your skin and helps to find the liquid Foundation desired texture and color. It can be found in the British network Boots pharmacy, in them is, and toners brand. But many reviews say that the device was good, but the tonal not give wah, it is better to select among other brands.

Also take a look at the means for hair brand John Frieda. Shampoos and conditioners brand can be found in London, Paris and new York. Mark is famous products for colored hair and the restoration of its structure.


In the neighboring country very much beautiful cosmetics, which to us for some reason does not reach. For example, desserts brand Mylovarov. The brand specializes in bathing and physical care. Soap, bombs for baths, massage bars are really like mouth-watering sweets and smell not less charming. The names of the food is also delicious: tea, butter, milk bath, soap rolls etc.

Be sure to bring out the trip inexpensive ink Гурмандиз. A tube of mascara more like a tube of oil paints or lip gloss and it is soft, black with pink cap. Ink just amazing, gives the effect of a natural, but the bulk and long lashes. Non-irritating, it is easily washed off and grabs her for a rather long period.


Few people know that the birthplace of MAC Cosmetics is not America or Britain, and Canada. In this country there are all the launches and the most extensive network of shops. Therefore, being in Canada, do not miss the opportunity to visit this temple of beauty is sure to find a tool that Ukraine does not get it.

Also this country beauty голики love for elf cosmetics is very budget cosmetic brand. For 6 dollars you can buy liquid Foundation or powder in HD format, such funds usually use make-up on television or photographs, when you need high quality images. Also, the brand good gel eyeliner, very good glosses and lip fancy blush, their quality is equal to the American NARS.

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