Что нельзя делать вечером: 8 запретов от наших предковWhile our ancestors were careful not only to go out at this time on the street, but also to do many everyday things. It was believed that dark time – the period of rampant evil forces. And so you had best protect yourself. Display a list of signs which should be taken note of to keep in the house prosperity, happiness and health.

In the evenings it is impossible to take out the garbage. It was thought that any thing thrown out on the street at this time, could be the basis for the evil eye and spoilage. And also affect the material welfare of the family in the house lost money.

It is impossible in the evenings to clean the house. Will wash floors, wash from the house of love, happiness and luck, so thought our ancestors.

At night you can not leave the knife on the table. This will lead to disease and quarrels.

It is impossible to leave on the table, dirty dishes. Our ancestors believed that Housewives show disrespect to brownie, who is out for revenge. Or more simply – to take rest and sleep.

In the evening you can not give money on loan and you cannot take them into debt. Because if you will borrow after sunset, forever lose your cash luck. And if you do take money, it will be up to six months in debt, as in silks.

Men are forbidden to shave in the evenings. Because “striking beauty” at this time of day, men provoke the emergence of problems in sexual life.

Women should not be in the evening to look in the mirror. Because it can take youth and beauty, bringing old age.

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In the evenings it is impossible to pour water from the font, which bathed the baby. Because it will cause health problems. Better water to leave in the morning. And with the rising of the sun to vent it.

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