Что старит женщину? But when You no longer “shahnazari” (as said the heroine of the famous movie), You start to think about what makes You much older than Your actual age in the eyes of others, especially men. Let’s talk about those key moments that really old woman.

What makes an older woman?

There are a few things that you should try to avoid if You don’t want to look much older than his actual age. Here they are. Early gray

It may appear if You have certain health problems. From gray hair to get rid of you can simple staining. Not necessary to show signs of old age prematurely.

Flabby neck

The skin on this part of the body is very thin and so it very quickly show signs of aging. So it was not behind the neck to care. About how to do it, we’ll talk a little later, in one of the following articles. Don’t want to miss it, then subscribe to our newsletter, or you can install a widget of Yandex, then You will always be updated with the latest articles on the website.

Flabby arms

Also will not add youth in the eyes of others. Therefore, skin protection and constant caring for them should always be relevant to You.

Clothes don’t age

At least already a grown woman dressed in a mini skirt with bows and fishnet stockings will look funny, if not ridiculous. You can and should dress contemporary and even sporty, but there are nuances of the age of elegance, which must be taken into account.Choose clothes according to their age!

Bright makeup

Bright and saturated “coloring” is still largely peculiar to the Mature ladies.

“Grandmother’s” perfume

Buying spirits, appreciate them, and if You have any doubts that this fragrance makes You older than Your real age, it is better to give him.


Remember, it’s easier to prevent wrinkles than to get rid of them. To do this, you should use sunscreen cosmetics, make masks regularly to moisturize the skin and be sure to apply the appropriate creams for the night.

Flabby body in “dimples”

To overcome the “orange peel” you have to combine many components. Be sure to eat a balanced, to find time to exercise, massage and anti-cellulite wraps, apply the appropriate cream.

A strong tan

They should not be involved. After a brown shade by itself throws few years. In addition, excessive tanning (and all over) dehydrates the skin and so it quickly grows old.

Tired looking

If your eyes extinct, and look angry and sad, it will add many years to Your age. Need to love life and to always find in it even a little joy. Try to keep yourself in the serenity of the child. And you should always smile! After all, smile is always youthful.

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