Какие процедуры красоты стоит делать перед отпуском?Какие процедуры красоты стоит делать перед отпуском?
Going on vacation, any woman is always in advance ensures that even at rest look great. I WANT to recommend the list of beauty procedures which it is desirable to make before the trip.
Get rid of unwanted hair

Do this not the day before vacation in advance. All depends on what method of hair removal you prefer. Laser epilation and электроэпиляцию recommended for 2-4 weeks before the holidays. Wax – not later than in 3-4 days before check-out.
Manicure and pedicure

This is about what does not forget any one woman. Not all, however, have the time, but provide for this procedure in a busy yet there. Not worth your precious vacation time to paint my nails and make treatments for your feet. Neat manicure and pedicure will allow you to look great and feel more confident. Besides, now many varnishes protects nails from ultraviolet radiation, sand, water, micro-organisms and varnish film maintains the natural moisture level of the nail plate. So this procedure, you should not ignore.
Moisten the skin

Flights different climate and humidity, air conditioning, sun, wind and water dried skin. Breaking its protective functions, they make it more vulnerable and susceptible. In addition, the first tan lie smoothly and beautifully, if the person would be smooth and well moisturized. Make scrubs and peelings for a couple of days before the holiday, and the skin will tell you thank you for it.
Prepare the body to sunburn
You can enroll in the Solarium, or sunbathe in the city. Before long stay in the sun, especially if you are heading in countries with tropical and subtropical climates, it is advisable to prepare the skin. This will allow you to not burn in the sun in the early days of rest.
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Prepare hair
Hair also will be subjected to negative influence of the environment. 2-3 weeks before the trip, it is advisable to visit a beauty salon and follow the procedure given your hair type. Make stylish and comfortable haircut, подстригите tips, take a course of procedures that protect and strengthen the hair. This will help you to maintain their health and beauty throughout the holidays and will save from a long course of regenerating treatments when you return.
Correct shape

Before going to the beach it is desirable to work on problem areas. Anti-cellulite, lymphatic drainage, specialises in sculptural and vacuum massage, body wraps, scrubs and baths for weight loss, pressotherapy – all this should begin to do for a month or half a year before the holidays. Then your sharpened shape, smooth contours and elastic body will conquer all!
To dye eyelashes or eyebrows
Another important pre-treatments will help you to save time during your vacation. It is fast, simple and suitable for everyone, who prefer active rest. You can safely swim, sunbathe, play sports, while not worrying about what can corrupt makeup. In addition, your eyebrows and eyelashes are bright, and your image-even on the beach – perfect!

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