Какие продукты помогут увеличить грудьКакие продукты помогут увеличить грудь
The female breast is the form and size of an object of intent attention at all times. It turns out, bust can be increased by using natural methods. Any tells WANT.
The shape and size of the breast initially depend on genetics, and then change over time under the influence of hormonal background. Many women wanting to increase breast size, are dealt with by means of plastic surgery. There are cases when for aesthetic reasons surgical intervention is necessary.
However, it turns out that the size of the breast can affect diet. Its main principle is to enter in the diet of healthy fats. Their source is the avocado, olives and olive oil, nuts, seeds, and some types of fish. In using these products, you can increase your overall body weight, and consequently the chest, which is made up of fatty tissue. Of course, there is a risk that will increase the size of the hips, buttocks, and excess fat may settle on the flanks. You will need a special exercise that will help monitor and properly distribute the weight of the fat throughout the body so that the chest remain supple and toned.
To affect breast augmentation, eat soy foods and drink soya milk, they contain a large number фитоэстрогена, which functions very similar to the important female hormone estrogen. During the menstrual cycle and it is responsible for chest swells and is poured.
Also, be sure to add in the diet of vegetables and fruits, which are rich in phytoestrogens. Champions on its contents were carrots, cherries and sugar beets.
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