Что носить вместо пальто и куртки: что такое кейп, с чем его носить и где купитьЧто носить вместо пальто и куртки: что такое кейп, с чем его носить и где купить In the past autumn-winter season, capes and ponchos at the same time appeared in many collections at once, we accepted the challenge and talk about what is a Cape, how to wear, with what shoes and clothing to combine and where to buy. If you’re tired of winter coats and jackets, a Cape is what you need.

So, what is a Cape? The Cape is the kind of coat (from the English. cape) boxy sleeveless. Cape may freely fall from the shoulders or have slits for the arms. Modern fashionable capes that do not have a coat: a Cape can be the Park, and down jacket, and knit shawl, etc. in addition, in the autumn / winter 2016/17 season in a fashion all sorts of hybrid models of capes and ponchos, so to distinguish between these types of outerwear is sometimes difficult.

However, the main feature of the Cape that he, unlike the poncho, often has a tailored shoulder line, a trapezoidal shape and is fastened on the neck or chest. The Cape can be with a collar, lapels, pockets, belt, fur trim and other decorative details.


What to wear with a Cape? As the Cape creates volume in the upper part of the figure, so the easiest way to combine it with a fitted, narrow hem: skinny-jeans, straight cut trousers, skirts-pencils or slinky Jersey dresses. In addition, the capes look good with flared jeans and pants and skirts. Interesting in combination with the capes look pantsuits, jackets, menswear, shirts and blouses with an open collar and bow on the neck.

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