Что надеть на светское мероприятие?Что надеть на светское мероприятие?
Social events a great excuse to have a good time, meet the right people and show off your new dress. But thats what outfit would look organically and make lenses all photographers track only for You?
Designer Anastasia Ivanova advises start with a careful study of the invitation. Organizers often themselves suggest what style would be most relevant to their activities. Read what advice prepared us Anastasia in the most popular dress codes.
White Tie (techniques in the Embassy, balls, different awards ceremony).
The most strict and formal dress code. The woman should be dressed in длинноеплатье, and on the shoulders desirable fur cloak. Do not forget the dazzling jewels. For example, You can put a luxurious yellow or air blue dress.

Black Tie wedding, various festive receptions or theater performances).
The official and solemn styles of clothing, but more than us famous and the not so strict. Ladies should go to the events dressed in a long вечерниеплатья,possible options and cocktail, but the length not above the knee. Better yet give preference luxurious dresses in the floor. You can wear expensive jewelry and don’t forget about the thin stiletto.

Dress code for less stringent measures. Here is permissible to wear a dress above the knee, but keep in mind that the top of the dress should be more strict and closed. To compensate for this restriction choice of bright colors: pink or green.

Smart Business Casual (corporate events, business meetings).
Wear classic kits: jackets and skirts, but diversify outfit unusual colour and footwear. Just don’t overdo it: elegant style for business meetings preferable, but not to look bored play with vivid detail. We advise to pay attention to the plain outfits or those in which there is a classic black and white combination.

Tip: follow a seasonal rule. In autumn and winter clothes and shoes must be darker than the spring and summer. Choose outfits made of natural fabrics, do not wear synthetics, which can reduce the price of the image.

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