Какие женщины всегда нравятся мужчинамКакие женщины всегда нравятся мужчинам
Good question, isn’t it? It depends what men. As we say in Odessa On question answer the question. Of course there are some stereotyped choice.

The most important thing is the ease and smile! Yes, it is ease in relations. When easily with a woman in any place and any time. When a woman is not loading, and especially on first meetings. When not impose the man responsible for her problems, don’t tell her life is hard and boring, and even more do not complain of my health. Men like women who know how to cope with a bad mood yourself.

No one likes to take responsibility. Some do not always cope with their problems, and to take on other people, especially not want. Suddenly, the man meets a beautiful woman, he likes her, he tries to please her, and the conversation begins please. All! Nobody nobody likes. And it doesn’t even matter already looked like a woman, no matter what was her hairstyle, which was manicure, clothes etc.

The most important factors are the appearance, ease and mystique glance, a smile, a dialect.

Smile – this is a very important factor. This is our protection, and our guns! A smile can already become a magnet for men. From our smiles depends more than 50% success rate! And if the smile from the heart, such улыбающемуся man will be very hard to refuse any request or wish. You should also have a sense of humor.
Dialect is the second component of success. Anyway, need to be responsive to the level of their men. To feel free and erudite in sustaining a conversation. I certainly don’t mean that we should understand some of the technical intricacies of the elect, but conform to the social status is necessary.

Appearance this, of course, is the main factor for Dating. Anyway, welcome all the same in appearance. Fit to wear. Typical female closet looks like this: Wardrobe full, and nothing to wear. Immediately solve this problem, brushing your closet from stuff. Thus, you remove stagnant energy and fill your life with new bright colors.

Clothing should emphasize the beautiful shape of the figure. Well, or at least, hide flaws. But we must remember that shortcomings can be solved virtues! Not everyone likes щупленькие women. Many prefer to lush. Therefore, the notion figure flaws is a relative concept. Of course, this is no reason to run itself and not take care of herself, but also a constraint is not worth.

But no matter how you look, what clothes nor was on you, the primary factor of long-term relationship is the ability to behave well, to be mild in relations, to be able to smile, joke and be positive.

You should also remember that positive contagious and this is attracted to it. And if you are positive, easy, charming, you’re always welcome!

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