Когда хочется необычного: 7 экзотических рецептов

We all have times when I want to eat something I do not know that”. The best in this moment — to appeal to the treasures of national cuisines. We offer 7 exotic recipes in case of gastronomic craving for unusual.

Vietnamese Pho soup

Ingredients for 6 servings: beef broth – 2 l, fish sauce (you can soy) – 2-3 Art. L., seasoning lemongrass – 1/2 tablespoons, carnation – 3-4 pc., ginger (slice thickness of 2 mm) – 3 PCs, cardamom (kernels ) – 2 pieces, sugar 1-2 tbsp, vermicelli rice – 1 package (400 g), beef (lean, very fresh ) – 300-400 g, peppermint (fresh) – 1 bunch, Basil (fresh, best Asian purple, but any will suffice) – 1 bunch cilantro – 1 bunch, bean sprouts, to taste, onion — 1-2 pieces, chili pepper – 1 piece, lemon lime) – 1 piece.

Pre-cook low-fat beef broth, best on brain bones. In ready clear broth and add spices – in gauze bag put a stick of fresh lemon grass or полложки dried, ginger, cardamom and cloves, and cook on small fire of minutes 20. In the end, add fish or soy sauce. Add the sugar.

Slightly frozen meat cut into very thin slices (not more than 2 millimeters thick) and are leaving. Pour rice vermicelli with hot water.

Cut the onion in half rings, pepper rings. Leaves of mint, Basil and cilantro not cut and stare. Sprouts put as is, lemon or lime, cut slices. Everything except meat and noodles, put the bowls and put on the table.

On the table is lit a burner on it, put the saucepan with boiling broth. Each bowl is put a little bit of noodles and broth is poured (only half of the bowl). Next, all the participants meal 3-4 their piece of meat dipped in a leaky spoon or a strainer into the boiling on the burner broth. Meat should stay in the broth, and just 30-40 seconds (so to remain slightly pink in the middle). If you do not have a burner or just a bummer, just repeat the above procedure in splendid isolation at the plate (before submitting).

Meat is formed on top of the noodles. Supplements are recruited each consumer to taste. A slice of lemon/lime squeezed into a plate just before eating. The procedure can be repeated several times (it depends on the size of the pan with broth).

Chutney carrot

Ingredients: carrots – 500 g, garlic – 2 pieces, ginger – 10 g,
mustard seeds – 1 tsp sugar, 60 g, vinegar – 1/2 tsp, Indian cumin – 1 tsp pepper 1 tsp red Cayenne pepper powder – 1 tsp, ghee (clarified, you can use olive oil) – 2 table spoons, salt, some raisins.

Peel carrots and grate it. Heat the oil and add the mustard seeds and Indian cumin seeds. Wait until they begin to crackle. Then add the chopped ginger, garlic and black pepper and fry for a couple of minutes. Add remaining ingredients. Cook until the carrots will not be softened and will go out oil. Cool and put in a jar. Store in the refrigerator, used as a seasoning to meat or simply spread on toast.


Japanese dish “FFA tofu”

Ingredients for 2 people: soy curd tofu– 200 g, wheat flour — 40 grams soy sauce — 35 ml of vegetable oil — 70 ml, lemon juice — 15 ml, sesame oil — a quarter teaspoon of sugar — 10 g, coriander — 2-3 sprigs, half red onions, two cloves of garlic, 3 with cherry tomatoes.

Cut the tofu for 2 rectangular piece. Wet paper towels to remove excess moisture and roll in flour. Fry tofu in on the heated frying pan in a large number of vegetable oil until Golden crust.

Fried tofu put on paper towels to remove excess oil. Prepare the sauce. Mix together 35 g of soya sauce, 35 grams of vegetable oil, 15 g of lemon juice. Add a few drops of sesame oil for fragrance. In the received mix add red onion, chopped small cubes, 2 g chopped cilantro and 10 grams of sugar. Whisk. In the resulting sauce add 2 grams of grated fresh ginger root, 2 g of grated garlic and cut in half with cherry tomatoes. Pour the sauce and tofu file.

Mexican fried “Uevos-ранчерос”

Ingredients serves 2: 1 lemon, olive oil — 50 g, a pinch of sugar and coriander seeds, 10 g parsley, 2 cloves of garlic, half red onions, 100 g of the Spanish chorizo sausage, 3 pickled green pepper (long), 2 tomatoes, 6 eggs.

Simmered in olive oil, finely chopped onion and garlic so that they are slightly softenь but have not yet begun to be fried. Add chopped tomatoes and peppers and simmer for two minutes.

Squeeze the lemon juice in a frying pan, add the chopped parsley, sugar and leave on the heat for another minute, stirring vigorously. Remove from heat and transfer the contents of the frying pan, into a suitable container.

Fry in olive oil seeds, coriander seeds and thin slices of sausage, with each side sausage twenty seconds. Break the eggs in a frying pan, add the tomato and pepper sauce (this, by the way, his name is – ранчерос and хуэвос is about eggs and fry up to readiness. Serve with тортильей.


Sauce, guacamole with pear

Ingredients for 4 portions: one chopped onion, 4 green pepper of Chile (Chile Serrano) or half red, teaspoon coarse salt, 900 g avocado (the weight of the stones), 3 tablespoons lime juice, 3 large pears, 200 grams of grapes without stones.

In blender, chop onion, finely chopped peppers and salt until smooth. Portions add sliced avocado and grind again. Pour the lemon juice and stir.

Stir in separately crushed in a blender pears and grapes. All mix well and place in a сервировочную bowl. At the request of the guacamole you can stir in the three quarters of a glass of pomegranate. Sauce good with shrimp, beef, cheese or simply spread on a tortilla or pita bread.

Алупатры (Indian potato rolls)

For the dough: 0.5 ch.l. turmeric, 0.5 ch.l. salt, 0.5 st.l. vegetable oil, 1.5 cups of flour (about 270 g), 2 thirds of a Cup of water.

For the filling: 3 large potatoes, 1 tablespoon of coconut shavings, 1.5 tsp sesame seeds, 1 tsp sugar, 1 tbsp chopped greens to your taste, 1/4 tsp. turmeric, 1/4 tsp spices garam masala or curry 1 tsp salt (no slides).

Boil the potatoes in their skins”, peel and until hot, knead into a puree. Add coconut, sesame, sugar, herbs, turmeric, garam masala or curry, salt and mix well. The stuffing is ready.

For the dough, mix the flour, turmeric, salt and oil. Pour water and knead the soft elastic dough. Cover and leave for half an hour. Then roll the dough into a thin layer thickness of 3-4 mm, Put on the top of the cooled filling, pressing a little hands. Shape into a roll, cut into slices of 1 cm wide, put on присыпанную flour surface.

Warm up in a frying pan a little vegetable oil and fry the slices on both sides until Golden brown.


Chicken with apricots and ginger in Chinese

Ingredients for 8 servings: hips chicken — 16 pieces, glass of apricot in their own juice, 2 shallots, a quarter Cup of finely chopped ginger, half a Cup of red wine vinegar, 2 St. spoon vegetable oil, slightly more than half Cup of soy sauce.

Over moderate heat for 5 minutes to brown in a small heavy saucepan, finely chopped ginger and shallots. Mix the onion and ginger with vinegar and bring to a boil and continue to boil for about 2 minutes, until liquid has evaporated half.

Add soy sauce in a pan, apricots, a quarter teaspoon pepper and salt to taste and cook for another 15 minutes, stirring occasionally. Pour the cooked marinade in a blender and bring to a puree. Cool to room temperature.

Place the chicken pieces in two hermetically sealed polyethylene package, pour the marinade them and, tightly closed, send in the refrigerator for 8 hours. While the chicken is marinating, periodically turn packages.

Put on a baking sheet or large pan with low walls foil, grease and put it in one coat the chicken pieces. Pour the marinade, cover with foil, but not very tight (to get some air), and send in the oven. Bake the chicken at a temperature of 150 degrees in the bottom third of the oven 40-50 minutes.

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