Где искупаться и позагорать в Риге: восемь официальных мест

All in Riga 8 places for swimming under supervision of the city authorities and lifeguards, beaches: three river, two lakes and three marine.


This beach house is a small (170 meters long, 30 meters wide) and comfortable. Because of the rugged terrain it did not fill with sand (would be washed away in the river of the first storm), and went the other way: put the rolls of natural grass. The beach is equipped with two dressing rooms have toilets. There are free Parking facilities, it is separated from the rest by a small moat and figuratively paved with stones. Place to swim is marked with buoys. The tower round the clock lifeguards.

The main advantage of Rumbula beach – to get here is not only easy, but also very nice. He is part of the infrastructure so beloved by Riga Daugava promenade. To swimming and after you can stroll along the picturesque river Bank at the paved path, where moving without disturbing each other, pedestrians, skaters, lovers of skateboards, bicyclists and moms with strollers. Benches on the beach until set (this issue will be resolved soon), but if you move a hundred meters – and the boardwalk is full of them.

This spring, Eastern Executive Directorate landed near 21 willow seven different varieties, with explanatory signs for the curious.

Most often the beach are, of course, the people of Kengarags. For them it is almost beach home. But the more extended promenade (according to plan he should get to darshini), the more there appears the cyclists from the different parts of Riga.



Lucavsala is a huge field (11 acres), covered with manicured grass, with a very well-thought-out landscape. There is a picnic area, area of outdoor games for adults (beach volleyball, for example) and a Playground for children, the largest in the city.

Benchmark by which the beach is visible from afar, and rescue rig, similar to the Indians dwelling on piles. This year there are equipped with a jetty to be able to get the boat out on the water. By the way, the lifeguards watch over the procedure not only on water but also on shore.

At the disposal of guests – changing cabins, toilets. Best honours Lucavsala beach: there’s plenty of trees in the shade where you can shelter from the sun. However, still sunbathe units – the majority of people play with a ball or adopt many exercise equipment that allows you to stretch, do push-UPS, climb, jump, in General, to move not only children but also adults.

Before entering the relaxation area is free Parking. Since October there has the locals a huge success, at the moment, there, nearby, is equipped with additional Parking. The beach can be reached by bike.


River beach at Kipsala is informal. For environmental reasons it will never meet the standards of the bathing areas specified in the Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers. However, because the residents stubbornly go there to sunbathe and swim, municipal service went to meet them. Pardaugava Executive Directorate has turned “wild” beach in a civilized vacation spot: installed changing cabins, toilets, benches, dustbins.

For kids there is a small bright hill. For adults there is a place under the beach soccer. In hot weather there is a summer café.

Because of the informality of this place Riga municipal police could not establish where stationary escape tower. But bathing and leave people without supervision – is not the case. Therefore, from the beginning of the beach season lifeguards just put there your post.

Why beach Kipsala so attracts residents, of course. The beach itself is a lot of Golden sand on which to sunbathe and comfortable without chairs, and stunning views. To the right is the panorama of the Old town, opposite – white ships coming in the port of Riga. But the main thing – to get here from the city center in minutes.

Car Park no, but you can leave your car in the surrounding streets of ķīpsala.



Waterbury beach is a coastal area with Bolderay on the island Daugavgriva (Ust–Dvinsk). It is easily accessible by bus: the 36-th route (which in the summer runs more often) and the 3rd route (he goes to the beach on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

Blue and white changing rooms are in harmony with the Blue flag, flying on land. This is an international mark of quality. The owner of a Blue flag beach, Waterbury is the eighth consecutive year, the award is given by the Foundation for environmental education (includes 60 countries). It means that you meet the highest quality standards and are guaranteed a long list of services: availability of showers, mother and child, medical facility, drinking water, beach cleanup is happening at least once a day with a mandatory screening of sand, water meets the highest quality and so on.

Kids have the ability to Tinker on the bright hill, adult outdoor enthusiasts usually focus in the sports area, which has courts for volleyball, basketball and football.

To the sea on the sand laid a special wooden decks, providing access to the water wheelchair. Another plus: plenty of pointers that allow to immediately find the desired object, be it a shower or toilet.

Who is resting and who is in the service: rescuers are keenly watching the bathers from the top of the rescue station. Also work everyone who provides beach service: here offer the rental of sun loungers, pedal boats and inflatables. There is a kiosk with ice cream, café.

There is ample Parking, also a Parking space for vehicles of persons with disabilities.



This beach is not so far from the residential area in the town. The road to the sea passes through the area of the reserve in Primorsky natural Park, where nest rare species of birds. So for fans to observe of birds equipped with an observation deck. Through the reserve also has a nature trail which is interesting to walk around.

You can leave your car at the free Parking lot for 50 cars. The road from the Parking lot to the beach is paved to make it easy to navigate for both pedestrians and cyclists and mothers with prams. Along the benches.

Beach in the town is ided into two zones – for those who like sunbathing and for those who prefer active rest. There are courts for beach volleyball and football. There is a Playground for children. Includes changing rooms, sun beds, toilets.

The tower round the clock lifeguards. The dumpsters are emptied every day. The top layer of sand on the beach regularly screened. In the future, the Executive Directorate is planning to equip bike racks and Supplement the children’s Playground game.

To reach this beach by bus number 3 and 36 (summer runs more often).



Sea beach in Vecaki is no worse than in Jurmala. And opportunities for active rest there not less. The beach is a new tile walkway, convenient for travelling cyclists, mothers with strollers and people with limited mobility. To the usual beach added new toilets sanitary complex: there are showers, a room mother and child, the normal toilets and toilets for disabled (free). Find this complex help pointers icons and information on the scoreboard.

Installed outdoor fitness equipment for adults, there are beach volleyball courts. As for the children, for they’ve recently created a new,relevant EU standards, play complex. This year ustanovlennye and safe swings, including seats with closed – type for the little ones. Also added a swing-basket (the so-called “stork’s nest”), so beloved by children. Soon teenagers will be set grid-pyramid 3.5 meters tall.

There are rental loungers, inflatable trampolines. When leaving the beach showers for your feet, so you can wash away the adhering sand. At every step, with waste containers. Set up a separate Smoking area. Special equipment daily sifts beach sand to remove any splinters.

As for the rescuers, in Vecaki, they are not just a tower, and a well equipped rescue station that operates all year round. Rescuers tour the extensive beach on a Quad bike, on the water ready on duty two inflatable rescue boats.

In General, the beach in Vecaki is not only not inferior to the beaches of Jurmala, but also has its advantages. In contrast, from Jurmala, there is no stumble at every step on private beaches with sun beds for insane prices and the pompous VIP area, so characteristic of Jurmala in recent years.



Just a twenty minute drive from the centre of Riga, at a distance of several hundred meters from the main road, policybriefings is a dense forest. And in the middle of it – lake Babelia: a favorite place of rest and bathing of residents. Its depth is 5.5 meters and an area of 6.9 ha. the Air here is always clean and fresh – thanks to the abundance of pine trees up to the age of 130 years. Where the soil is wetter, growing willow and willow.

To bathe here and the water warms up faster than the sea, waves do not exist. With the beginning of the beach season lifeguards are marked with buoys two bathing areas: for adults and for children. Sector children has very little slope and the water depth is not more than 70 cm On the shore includes changing rooms and portable toilets. There is also a sports area: beach volley courts and table tennis tables. A children’s Playground, this year added a few elements. Around the lake created multiple places for a picnic: there are embedded tables, benches, grills is. Close to the beach made the holidays

During the bathing season works around the clock rescue service. Regularly conducted water tests, the results cataractsurgery on the scoreboard. The lake is especially important because there are like nesting birds.


The beach in mežaparks on Kisezers is same informal, as in Kipsala. This means that the local authority could do not to. And to monitor the safety of bathers in this place, too, there is no obligation.

But it so happened that it was here, ten meters from the beach,you’ll support base of the rescue service of the Riga municipal police. At the pier dancing on the small wave of powerful speed boats. On the shore is not just a tower, but a serious life-saving station, with its surveillance. As in Vecaki, it works all year round. So the safety of swimmers is in safe hands.

The beach at Kisezers – tiny. The bottom is nasty, very muddy. Recently, it was deepened to six metres, otherwise you can just get caught up in a thick layer of silt. On the shore there are no conditions to play football or volleyball. And rides for children – only log Yes is a swing. This is understandable – the real (and wonderful!) playgrounds are located in another part of this huge Park. However, from the rest on a tiny patch on a hot day there is no release. Sun, water, coffee – what else is necessary for happiness.

More information on the Riga beaches, and the water temperature in the ponds you can find on the official information portal of Riga www.riga.lv.

Source: RIGA.LV

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