Стоит ли скрывать от мужчины истинные чувства?Стоит ли скрывать от мужчины истинные чувства?
Good news: women are able to hide their feelings better than men. American psychologists investigated how unfamiliar people read non-verbal signals gestures, intonation and facial expression. It turned out that in 80% of cases, observers misunderstood the intentions of women. They decide that a woman sympathize with the man, though she was going to break the relationship. The reaction of men read accurately. If women are able to conceal feelings, think about in what cases it is necessary to do.
It is not a secret that when a woman says about feelings, it implies one and only love. I wish I could find a man whom you can trust and give my life to him. Open soul, to confess in love and sweet weaknesses, support and help. The ideal partners understand each other without words, secrets, insults and harbour a grudge against. But in life there are failures, perhaps someone incorrectly selected a couple, showed too trusting, used someone’s weakness, many wanted and received little. We do not always feeling overwhelmed with a plus sign? There is resentment and frustration, hatred and powerlessness. There are feelings that need to hide; there are feelings that are harmful to contain, and there are those that cannot be expressed.
After looking carefully to your feelings, you may notice that this is usually not the senses, and only the emotions instant reaction to words or actions that do not meet our expectations, resentment, jealousy, fear, emotional exhaustion or fatigue. In the interests of others and their own need to share positive emotions, and negative, destructive it is desirable to keep to yourself. It turns out that with strangers keep your distance, not утомляем their problems and throwing, but in a moment now rolled forward, we run for salvation to the closest one. Good would it always had a friend or mom, sometimes beloved man opposed. Why should he go to hear that you do not appreciate, understand, hurt on the job? He saw in you сомневающуюся a person, not a woman to love? To say that you are good, and all the scoundrels? It is not improbable that before you manipulator or indifferent people. In the first case, it encourages your weakness, and the weaker and unevenly will be a woman is, the easier to manage. In the second case, supports the conversation, not offering a solution.
Talk about respect from the repertoire of alcoholics. You respect me? Give me another one. All the same, the respect can be considered as a benchmark, the soil in which to grow all the rest. If you respect the person you listen to his opinion, do not impose it its not ущемляете his interests. About respect not say it is not shown, but it is felt in every action. Respect has nothing to do with the worship and obedience. This is not just a feeling for the person is a recognition of his comfort zone, personal rights, their opinions and their own interests. The basis for relations, excluding violence and subordination.

Another real sense. When they say devotee comes the muzzle of Hachiko, and dog gaze. Devotion is the inability to betray and joy because you are next. Everyone has friends or acquaintances, which for years’t you see rarely communicate, and then you meet and like yesterday parted. Close soul, selfless attitude, called friendship. And you know that if you need help, it shouldn’t even ask. Friends always have something in common: past, interests, skills and sincere communication. Like respect, my allegiance is to the true feelings that don’t need to prove. If the conversation takes turnover: We are friends, and must help a friend or you are asking, and you’re uncomfortable her perform, but also to refuse help uncomfortable, be careful. Perhaps in relations there is a bias. Can you remember only when needed help. Learn to politely say no, do not act to the detriment of their interests. A true friend will understand you, and manipulator lose interest in you. In any case you will be the winner.
Love this
In the book of NLP. Games where winning women Anvar Bakirov gives an interesting definition of love. Love is the constant readiness of the desire to give and to do good object of love according to that definition, for love requires five components. First, the ability to love. It is not given to everyone. Most people well cost the love. Secondly, you need to choose worthy by your ideas object of love. Close person for the rest of your life, not married briefly. Thirdly, the concept of good is whatever is best for him or as it is more convenient for you? Ability to take into account the interests of another, without waiving their right here ingredient. Fourth, the desire to give and do implies that you always think well about this man, making him something, not regret time, money, emotions, and other resources, and not expect anything in return. The word gift is one-sided. Gave forget, don’t expect anything in return, not impose on its own good, don’t demand gratitude. Worse, he has the right to decline the gift, if he doesn’t like, and you should not be offended. Yes, there’s a gift? He can’t take love. And if you respect the man, then, perhaps, you will understand.
Close to this triad true feelings and look at the emotions that are troubling us all life. So different and going, they need to say, do it, give. For example, is it worth talking to a guy about my love? Your example Tatyana Larina not taught anything? If you are interested in a guy, do not try to show it. You can show sympathy, friendship, sex finally. Взлядом or междометием but not recognised in the forehead. Decent guy such a statement stumped or scare. Not select it prelude and desire. Dishonest will use and will seek to develop this feeling to addiction, obsession, obsession. This is not always intentionally, sometimes unconsciously. Time itself is in hands, why not take it? Unfortunately, a common mistake of many girls talk about love, закармливать his love. Whatever you wish, bring on a silver platter, show willingness to compromise its interests, thoughts, goals. There is a replacement of one personality to another. That shall ask, one answer: As the beloved says goes. And constant Intrusive drone I love you, I love you…
This is not stupidity, it’s the principle of the mirror. We behave with other people the way we want them to behave with us. (By the way, the principle of work and in bed. Follow caresses partner, sexologists say that so you can learn the hidden desires) Mirror relations: a woman really wants to hear the confession of love. So badly wants that begins to talk about love, showing your example of correct relations. And falls. Like a fly in a sugar syrup. She talks about love, and he is silent. And the more she says, the more he is silent, like a soulless, tender words will not wait. Nothing, love will remain love, affection or life experience. And understanding that not a woman but a woman must confess your love. Not only words, but also flowers, gifts, attention, care every hour of every day to prove his love.

Depends on the situation. Not always offense to cause intentionally, not always a reason for resentment. If there is a crime, that is, disrespect, lies, greed, meanness, insult, the situation needs clarification and punishment. Disassembly related to who and who wronged, best served cold. Want to hear you speak quietly and calmly. Wait and see, not roll up your scandals, don’t blame the man. Will you condemn he would defend himself or be gone in itself. More and spoil the reputation for himself. Hysterical generates a tantrum. Well, let you pairs, and further that? Where life lesson and an appropriate response? Where is the solution? In simple words, let them understand that some things were unpleasant. Perhaps the man through thoughtlessness paid no attention to the reaction. You may have heard is not what he said. A typical conversation might exhaust misunderstanding. If case of chronic, boorishness and lies beyond redemption, and rather are the character traits, maybe someone incorrectly chosen a couple? If it is very накипит may be the last disassembly. Here you can hide anything tell him that boiling and ripped off the cover. And remember it so irresponsible, rude, stupid. So you do not regret what he was gentle and tender places.
Anger and irritation
Destructive emotion. Things don’t go as planned, and you could not win with your emotions. Usually violent reactions are caused by fatigue, stress, or stress. If you notice that you can break away, take a break and give yourself a rest. We should not do, what then can be pitied. Having two outputs beautiful and ugly, always choose beautiful. In addition, learn to distinguish between the feeling of emotions. If it seeks a way out, you can convert it. Analyze the situation, their behavior and the behavior of others, explore your reaction. Very little time will pass and you will learn emotional restraint. For example, if you are angry with your mother guy, his ex girlfriend or natural children, never show negative attitudes. Children are given forever, the former girlfriends, and you can join, mother altogether Holy. Unpleasant people can do allies or learn to include economy mode for the nervous system. If something cannot be changed, you can change its attitude towards the situation.
How true feelings, you ask? Did the life go by, and real love, faithfulness and respect never meet? Where the feelings don’t need to say? That fills you with beauty and strength? They, of course. They live in every woman. Love yourself, respect yourself, be true to yourself. And then your man will treat you as you deserve.
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