Peggy Olson and Megan Draper’s not just our favorite heroine the series Mad Men, but two of the most common women’s facial features. Look around and you will see the «iron lady» – a steady, rigid and unwilling to compromise, and it мимимишную opposite – the so-called «girl-girl», whose main goal is to decorate the world around them. Of course, these two aware of each other’s existence, but is hardly ever found in its «ideal worlds»… Before the release of the sixth season of the series, we decided to fix it and push our heroines face-to-face. And while they were with the lack of understanding and even a sympathetic look to each other, offer to you to decide: which position you support?

Mad Work

Peggy Olson vs Megan Draper Peggy represents women who climb the career ladder by leaps and bounds (do not forget that the series is set in the 50-th years, when all around sure that the place of the ladies – only in the kitchen!). Megan, on the contrary, uses work for the search of a powerful patron. Both come to the Agency Sterling Cooper to the position of the secretaries, that’s only for the first request to bring coffee with the beginning sounds like an insult and discrimination on grounds of sex, and for the second – as a chance to show yourself and make useful acquaintances. The result of the sixth season: Peggy, already as a copywriter, luring a competing firm, and Megan leaves advertising Agency in the role of spouse creative Director of don Draper.
Mad Love Пегги Олсон vs Меган Дрейпер Peggy Olson vs Megan Draper

Peggy seeking equality with men in everything she does not allow herself emotions or at work, or in personal life! Its the ideal relaxation after a busy working day? Wine, whiskey, cigarettes, and sex without commitment. And with a return to his bed, because in the morning she would have to take the city and win battles, and that means you need a good night’s sleep! Canadian doll with a French manners Megan, on the contrary, belongs to the type of women that used to be given to the feelings of the head. Sex for her – effective way to reconciliation with the man, that he knew what was wrong! 

Mad Kids


Peggy Olson vs Megan Draper «I had a baby and gave it to the child,» says Peggy ошалевшему Питтеру Campbell (read, несостоявшемуся father) in a couple of years after his failed motherhood. She was nothing spared, in the same voice, the business-lady could tell that переклеила Wallpapers in the living room or throw out the old sofa… Megan, on the contrary, sees the children the meaning of life. She can easily managed to find a common language with the heirs of the don from his first marriage (even with the older Sally – the beast in a skirt!). Megan dream about what ever (after five years, when the don will be not so busy they have their own baby. Here are just a creative Director Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce already 40, he had the gravest crisis of middle age, of the second marriage and, as a consequence, there is no desire to see the new diapers… 
Mad Style Пегги Олсон vs Меган Дрейпер Peggy Olson vs Megan Draper

In the wardrobe Peggy – only blouses with bows in the style of Leopold the cat, boring skirts below the knee, thick sweaters knit, dresses in a large cage, лоуферы on a thick heel and old-fashioned hat. The only woman in the men’s team, in which colleagues looked at as an equal, I’m sure: its main decoration, acute mind, should not be written in an expensive frame. Megan was always looks as if he messed up advertising Agency with the shooting for the magazine Vogue. It defiles the office corridors in frivolous dresses from Jersey, opening slender legs, geometric and floral prints, large jewelry, glasses in поллица. And, of course, with the red lipstick and bright the arrows in the style of the 60’s!

Mad Don

Peggy Olson vs Megan Draper However different universes were Peggy and Megan, they converge in one point, more precisely in the same man – Donald Draper. The first is so delighted with his professional qualities, that are not immediately understands that gradually turns into him, is of the same stiff, cold and unforgiving. The second like the title is not «Степфордской», and «Trophy» wife – from time to time, until she realizes that locked in apartments in Manhattan as in a Golden cage.
Destroy whether our heroines this man in a perfectly ironed shirts – learn April 7, when on our small screens will return the TV series Mad Men. Until then, dismantling them apart, we asked the obvious question : and do you still the same pure female characters of today or the modern Peggy and Megan successfully blended, become more flexible, have learned to blend in and adjust?

Collages of the TV series Mad Men: Yulia Лемешевская Resources on the Internet: Who are we? – Women! What we want? “We don’t know! Parse female types of Mad Men

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