Женщины Нью-Йорка организовали книжный топлес-клуб

New York law provides that women may be Topless in any place, writes The Sun. This circumstance and the company took girlfriends, zealously defending the rights of American women.

Ladies decided to combine useful with pleasant and started a book Topless club. The name speaks for itself – the members of the club enjoy reading exclusively Topless.

Women meet regularly in the public areas of new York city, including Central Park of the town, on the roofs of hotels, taking boat trips, being dressed only in the lower part of the bikini. Thus they have the ability to simultaneously

and enjoy literature, and to acquire a tan.

The activists of the new club want to recruit more women and hope that eventually Nude female breast, as male torso, will cease to be something out of the ordinary.

Note: on some frames roller is visible to the naked chest!

Here is a club of bibliophiles

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