Ты накинь, дорогая, на плечи: 25 незаменимых жакетов для лета

In the summer want to think about clothing: warm jackets, coats, fur coats and coats far removed in wardrobe and no longer recall that, in the nature of the severe cold that exist. But from jackets, vests, light jackets and jackets so easy we get rid do not advise and, on the contrary, we recommend to complete your collection to if not in July, then at the end of August or in the velvet season cool wind didn’t cut you walk.

Let’s start with the classical models, for which you can find a lot of both formal and informal occasions: this jacket in a beige colour with black trim on the collar (to get the costume, the bottom you can select not only beige, and black) and white long jacket without buttons with a minimalistic simple cut – to a wide trousers and jeans with a high waist-style Chloé. Departing from the basic colors, don’t forget about the bright colors and as a fashion vitamin C add to the selection of jackets regular fit in saturated orange and yellow.

Quality denim traditionally does not replace, in our collection of the best jackets for summer is presented in two versions: as a familiar since childhood denim jacket and khaki shirt in military style can be worn like a jacket over t-shirts and even dresses.

Vests we have included in the list of the most ridiculous summer purchases, and, as it turned out in the comments, not all of our readers consider them so. Correct and include in the list of essential summer jackets still vests in the amount of three very different in mood models: this leather jacket, vest tweed with embroidery in the ethnic style, and an elegant snow-white waistcoat buttoned reminds classical sleeveless jacket.

And speaking about the ethnic style, let us dwell on it more. Where else, if not in the summer, things to wear with African or Mexican drawings, adding accessories to them with fringe and decoration with feathers? Confess in love so far away but beautiful ancient civilizations through the jackets of textiles with intricate designs.

And, of course, in no case, only the ethnic prints we do not stop, there is much loved black and white stripe, cheerful orange-purple leopard, touching butterfly on a background of blue sky and fancy computer prints, reminiscent of holograms, – and all this on the same essential summer coats and jackets.

And without a jacket, coat or jacket you can not do in the summer? Share your opinion in the comments!

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